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Top 10 Zinc Rich Foods and their Benefits

Zinc has been termed as an essential and productive trace mineral, which plays an important role initiating 100+ enzyme-based reactions inside the body. Consumption of a well-regulated amount of zinc has been considered as an essential addition to the daily diet, given the fact that it serves as a strong antioxidant while fighting the free radicals that might damage your cells. It essentially slows down the process of aging. Zinc rich foods can help you overcome the side effects seen from lack of this mineral. When you compare the statistics for current population with deficiency of zinc, you can easily notice that the most vulnerable are infants, adolescents, children, lactating women, and pregnant ladies. These factions of people require higher amount of zinc by consuming foods rich in Zinc.  

Top 10 Zinc Rich Foods and their Benefits..

10 Best Zinc Rich Foods

To counteract the negative effects emerging from lack of this mineral in the body, you need to go through this zinc rich foods list and add them to your daily diet.

1) Lamb

Adding the crispy taste of freshly roasted lamb can provide you a sufficient amount of zinc. With just 3 ounces of lamb, you can acquire a daily value of 45 percent from the total requirement. Apart from being a rich source of zinc, this food consists of numerous minerals and vitamins. It contains ample amount of riboflavin, niacin, selenium, vitamin b12, iron, and phosphorus. You can prepare a steak with properly chopped lamb meat or bake in the oven sprinkled with freshly ground spices and herbs to get the daily dose of zinc for a good body immunity and younger looking skin.

2) Pumpkin Seeds

If you are looking for zinc rich foods for vegetarians, pumpkin seeds can be a great addition to your daily diet. With just 1 cup of these seeds, you get about 44 percent of the daily zinc required by your body. Pumpkin seeds are very effective for women undergoing menopause. It also brings down the chances of having breast cancer post-menopause. Not just for women, pumpkin seeds are great for men too as they bring great prostate health while promoting a healthy brain development. Pumpkin seeds also help with hair growth as they come under the category of zinc rich foods for hair growth.

3) Wheat Germ

Wheat germ can also be deemed as one of the best source of zinc given the fact that consuming 100 grams of this grain can provide you with 17 mg zinc constituting of 111 percent with regards to the daily requirement. Now, isn’t this reason enough for you to add this food to your breakfast or salad to garner the required amount of zinc in the body. 

4) Meat

If you are looking for a list of zinc rich foods to add to your balanced diet, then meat makes up for the top ranks. A lean beef when cooked and served provides you 82 percent of daily zinc requirement for 100 g serving. While lean pork when cooked provides you 33 percent of daily zinc requirement. You can also cook your chicken with drumstick to obtain 15 percent of the daily requirement. However, keep in mind the fact that meat also contains a high level of fat as well as cholesterol. So make sure that you plan your portions without consuming too much fat to add unnecessary weight.

5) ShellFish

With shellfish like clams, crabs, lobsters, as well as mussels added to your diet, you could get ample zinc rich foods benefits. A single serving of six oysters can provide you more than seven times the daily zinc requirement. However, it isn’t available as easily and provided it houses such high levels of zinc, you should consume it only occasionally.

6) Dark Chocolate

If you are looking for zinc rich foods for babies, chocolate can be a perfect addition to the list. Dark chocolate can easily be termed as a tasty treat that is loved by people seeking high zinc containing foods. With a 100 g cocoa powder serving, you get around 45 percent of the daily requirement for zinc.

7) Spinach

Spinach could easily be termed as super food with leaves that contain ample minerals in well-balanced amounts. If you are preparing a zinc rich foods chart, make sure you make ample space for spinach. With one cup of the cooked spinach, you get 9 percent of daily zinc requirement.

8) Mushroom

Now, who doesn’t love mushrooms? Unless you are allergic to it, you might as well make it a part of your daily diet. This wonder food when served cooked can provide you 9 percent of the daily requirement for zinc. The mineral content is similar to that of spinach. This means if you aren’t a fan of those green leafy vegetables, you can easily replace them with some mushrooms. Either you can add them to your favorite pizza as delicious toppings or sauté those in low flame with freshly ground pepper and spices.

9) Nuts

Nuts, while being tasty, also provide you ample amount of zinc while being light enough to carry anywhere with you and pop in one whenever you feel exhausted or out of energy. They are small pieces of energy bites that help you regain your strength without being heavy on the stomach. Cashews house about 37 percent of daily nutritional requirement of zinc for a 100 g serving. Similarly, with pine nuts, you get 12 percent zinc and pecans get you 9 percent. Peanuts, almonds, as well as walnuts get you 6 percent of zinc and lastly hazelnuts provide you about 5 percent of daily requirement.

10) Squash Seeds

A popular fruit in the Middle East, squash seeds can provide you ample amount of zinc when served in any form. You can remove the seeds from the fruit and serve it with salad in dried, roasted, or even raw form. With squash seeds, you get 10 mg zinc for 100g serving.

If you feel your body is deprived of proper zinc supplements, make haste while incorporating these nutritious additions to the diet. However, keep an eye on the amount you consume as excess zinc can be harmful to the body.

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