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What is Meditation and What are its Benefits & Importance?

We, humans, love the art of talking. Talking is an essential activity in our lives. But what we often forget or overlook is the importance of talking to ourselves. That is where meditation comes to our rescue. Meditation is the magical potion that can miraculously wane the stockades of anxiety, stress, confusion and obliviousness and make us meet peace, logic and satiation. It lets you savour the contemporary moment and envisage the upcoming ones. Meditation enlightens, awakens and rejuvenates. Meditation brings concentration, clarity and certainty.

What is Meditation and What are its Benefits & Importance

Top 10 Benefits of Meditation

Following are the benefits and importance of meditation:

1) Enhances the Cardiovascular Health and Immunity

Meditation relaxes your mind, body and soul. The resultant relaxation of meditation also leads to the ascending level of nitric oxide which ultimately opens up blood vessels that in turn improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. Meditation works way more than better for blood pressure than medication does. Also, evidence is there to prove that meditation improves the immune system.

2) Reduces Depression

Meditation induces a reduction in the level of depression, anxiety and stress. It also leads to the lowering of tension-related pain like tension headaches and other stress-related problems like insomnia, ulcers and muscle and joint problems as well. Meditation lowers dysfunctional beliefs and ruminative thinking which in turn reduces depression and depression related problems and symptoms. Mindful meditation can go way longer than anti-depressant therapy to cure depression.

3) Makes you more Intelligent

Meditation not only increases your attention but also your memory power. It enhances your cerebral and rational abilities. Increased intensity and frequency of meditation can increase performance, achievements and reduce absenteeism.  It fetches the brainwave pattern into a dominant state which ultimately leads to healing. This makes your mind beautiful, delicate and fresh as well. It makes you emotionally stable and intellectually better.

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4) Ensures a Hale and Hearty Heart

Meditation is your heart’s best amigo. It not only enhances blood circulation but also lowers the heart rate ultimately reducing the strain on your heart. Lipid peroxide is a substance that can lead to various chronic diseases. Meditation lowers the level of lipid peroxide in one’s body. Meditation solves and safeguards you against a lot of heart risks.

5) Solves the Problem of Addiction

Meditation increases your willpower and also helps you to get over self-control regions in your brain. Meditation helps you to decouple the craving state freeing you from the clutches of craving and ultimately helping you to win over your addictions. There have been cases that prove that mindfulness meditation and training can help one to treat different forms and kinds of addictions.

6) Gets you a Good Sleep

Meditation helps you get enough and good quality sleep. When your mind works faster and more than it should, it gets stressed and sleep gets hindered. Meditation alleviates stress and helps you take adequate and lovely sleep. Sleep is very vital for the proper and better functioning of your body. Meditation also releases serotonin hormones that brings you happiness and satisfaction and enlivens your mood too.

7) Improves Personal Relationships

Meditation fills you with optimism and happiness and reduces stress and anxiety. As a result your professional performance improves and your personal relationships also become better. You become better at understanding other’s viewpoints and perspectives and it also makes you patient and calm. Meditation keeps you happy and makes you more attractive to talk to. This way you do better both professionally and personally as well.

8) Helps Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the period when one has innumerable mood swings and cravings and tensions and anxiety as well. Meditation is a boon for mothers to be because it not only keeps you calm and composed but also contributes to the healthy well-being of both you and your child. Meditation instantiates a healing process and ensures the well-being of both the mother and the child.

9) Rejuvenates your Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation is a complete package. It revitalizes your mind, body and soul. It helps you recover from the normal wear and tear and soothes your mind and soul as well. It relieves you from all mental problems be it trivial or colossal. And it brings an unmatchable sense of relaxation and happiness which ultimately adorns you with a serene and lovely glow.

10) Finding the new Horizon of Betterment

Meditation helps you to unshackle yourselves from the chains of pessimism and makes you meet the new horizons of positivity and optimism. It brings in a total and better transformation converting you into a better version of yourself. It fills you with confidence, dynamism and buoyancy. It helps you to connect to yourself and unravel the hidden problems and solutions as well. It creates a harmonious aura around you.

So these were some amazing benefits that meditation can provide you with. Meditation is the road to find the real you and making it better. Adopting this one good habit can literally go a long way in solving myriads of your problems. Give it a thought.

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