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What are the Health Effects of Chocolate?

Chocolate is a succulent delicacy. When it touches your tongue it gives you the satisfaction that goes straight to your heart. Nothing can soothe like chocolate. But chocolates are a double-edged sword. It encompasses both a few good and bad things in store for you. Here are some of the health effects of chocolate.

What are the Health Effects of Chocolate

Good Health Effects of Chocolate

Let’s first check out the good health effects of chocolate :

1) Cures Cough

Chocolate has theobromine which is a mild stimulant and also soothes the vague nerve that is responsible for drastically unpleasant coughs. So next time when you can’t stop coughing just bank upon chocolates.

2) Improves Eyesight

A chocolate improves overall blood flow in the body and also enhances a great deal of amount of blood flow to the retina as well. This is the reason why chocolate has the potency to reward one with an impeccable eyesight.

3) Promotes good health of Heart

Promotes Good Health of Heart

Chocolate keeps white cells from goring to the arteries and also warrants flexibility of arteries. Both of these in turn safeguard that no clogging of arteries takes place. Eating chocolates also diminishes the risk of heart strokes.

4) Promotes a Healthy Skin

Chocolates are rich in flavonoids which not only protect your skin from damage but also adore your skin with a soft, glowing and velvety look. Flavonoids rescue your skin from the damage from the sun and also enhance the flow of blood to the skin increasing its density and making it hydrated. Flavonoids also diminish the probability of cardiovascular problems.

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5) Good for would be Moms

If taken during pregnancy, then chocolates can promote good foetal growth and development. Chocolate reduces the risk of preeclampsia, a situation wherein the blood flow to foetus gets interrupted because of the high blood pressure of the mother. Moderate consumption of chocolate is good both for the mother and the baby.

Bad Health Effects of Chocolate

Let’s now check out the bad health effects of chocolate :

1) Addiction

Chocoloate Addiction

Chocolate contains caffeine which makes it an ageing drug. It causes certain problems like sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, nausea, tremors and vomiting. It stimulates your central nervous system and makes you crave it again and again.

2) Acne

Although there are no concrete studies to prove a direct correlation between chocolates and acne but it has been observed that intake of chocolates exacerbates the sternness of acne. It is the high glycaemic nature of sugar present in chocolate that promotes the growth of acne.

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3) Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Chocolates do contain saturated fats that can make you run the risk of certain heart disorders and even heart strokes. Also, chocolates contain superfluous sugar that is devoid of any nutritional value. Although sugar is good for health but the additional sugar in chocolate overpowers its benefits. This additional sugar enhances weight gain and also makes you encounter certain heart disease risks.

4) Kidney and Heartburn problems

People with kidney problems need to avoid chocolates as it contains potassium which is not at all good for them. Also chocolate contains oxalate which can prove to be a contributor to kidney stones. People with gastroesophageal reflux should also avoid chocolates as chocolate makes the lower oesophageal sphincter relax which in turn makes the substances in the stomach travel back which causes the heartburn sensation.

5) Diabetes and Cavities

Chocolates had got refined carbs and sugar. Refined carbohydrates have the potency to alarmingly upsurge blood sugar levels in your body which eventually surges your resistance to insulin and makes you prone to type 2 diabetes. Also additional sugar might give you the problems like sweet tooth and cavities.

These were some good and bad health effects of chocolate that should be considered before taking it.

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