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What are the Health Effects of Alcohol Consumption?

Alcohol is the appropriate word for fleeting pleasure with everlasting consequences. Heavy and frequent intake of alcohol can prove to be really very fatal for your body. While you are putting those few drops on your tongue and then unconsciously entering into a different world, you don’t know that what all wrong is being done to your body.

What are the Health Effects of Alcohol Consumption

10 Health Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Here are some health effects of alcohol that should be considered:

1) Liver destruction

Unwarranted alcohol can cause liver failure and even deaths. Alcohol makes fat to deposit on the liver leading to the problem of fatty liver. Also alcohol can damage or scar the liver making one prone to cirrhosis, fibrosis and alcohol hepatitis. Alcohol also increases the chances of occurring of liver cancer.

2) Bad skin

Bad skin

Alcohol dehydrates your skin giving you a tired, fatigued and unappealing look. It also expands the blood vessels making your skin look superfluously red and dappled.

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3) Problem in digestive glands

More than required intake of alcohol can activate certain enzymes that work during the process of digestion. It also harvests certain mephitic substances which leads pancreatitis where in pancreas gets exacerbated and also the blood vessels of pancreas swell that hinders proper digestion. Pancreatitis is a serious condition and also incorporates fever, vomiting and weight loss.

4) Brain mutilation

Excessive drinking can impair brain beyond repair. It can cause some serious and severe brain problems and mental disorders. It also sometimes leads to death of brain cells. It can also make one extremely addict to alcohol. It can also lead to loss of memory, clampdowns and apprehension. It harms the physical composition and functioning of the brain affecting one’s ability to learn, behave and respond properly.

5) Improper sugar levels

Improper sugar levels

Alcohol affects both your liver and pancreas due to which your body loses its ability to maintain proper sugar levels leading to either high sugar levels or low sugar levels. Improper levels of blood sugar levels make one prone to diabetes and other serious problems.

6) Problems in digestion

Alcohol is a very rich source of fat and can lead to excessive weight gain. Also it can also harm tissues in the digestive tract. It can also impair the ability of the intestine to seek essential vitamins and nutrients from your food making you prone to malnutrition and diseases like anemia. Excessive drinking can also cause problems like acidity, ulcers, painful stools and fatal internal bleeding.

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7) Cancers

Alcohol takers are more prone to cancers like cancer in liver, pancreas, colon, mouth, oesophagus, throat, breasts. People who take tobacco with alcohol are even in greater danger of cancer.

8) Impairing immune system

Impairing immune system

Alcohol badly affects the natural immunity of your body. Alcohol makes you an easy target. As a result your body becomes incapable of fighting nasty invaders. Regular drinkers are more prone to diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia etc than non-drinkers.

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9) Badly affects the circulatory system

Alcohol can take a serious toll on your circulatory system especially on your hearts and lungs. Drinkers are at higher risk of heart diseases than non-drinkers. Alcohol can increases the chances of heart strokes, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats known as arrhythmias, heart diseases, heart failure, difficulty in transportation and pumping of blood throughout the body and cardiomyopathy that is stretching and dropping of heart muscles. Alcohol also makes one prone to anemia which is one of the major causes for a very low count of red blood cells.

10) Affects reproductive health

It is one of the worst health effects of alcohol. Alcohol can cause infertility in women and impotence in men. Alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and stoppage of production of sex hormones in men while it can lead to menopause in women. Also pregnant ladies who consume alcohol run the risks of unpleasant events like premature or still birth or even miscarriages. It can also pose some serious threat to the unborn baby like improper development, impairment of the ability to learn and long term health issues.

So these were some drastic health effects of excessive alcohol consumption. It rewards you not with one but many problems. So make a wise choice between momentary fun and  your precious life.

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