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Top 10 Vitamin E Rich Foods and their Benefits

Vitamin E can be defined as a powerful source of antioxidants in the body that protects the integrity of your cells deteriorating from constant oxidative stress. Adequate level of this vitamin is critical to proper functioning of the body. Lack of this crucial vitamin might make you more susceptible to infections, muscle weakness, or impaired eyesight. Fortunately, you can easily find this vitamin in abundance when you hunt through the wide collection of fruits and vegetables. Your body requires just 15 mg of this crucial vitamin everyday to help you function normally.

Top 10 Vitamin E Rich Foods and their Benefits

10 Best Vitamin E Rich Foods

Here you go with the list of foods that are rich sources of vitamin E.

1) Sunflower Seeds

Are you looking for a rich source of Vitamin E? All you require is some sunflower seeds and you are ready to rock the day. It is packed with all the necessary nutrients that include copper, magnesium, fiber, selenium, and vitamin B1, etc. If you want to pair it with something, you can go for garnish in the tuna or chicken salad. This super seed, which is a good source of vitamin E in fruits and vegetables, can be a great addition to spruce up the morning breakfast with eggs and bacon.

2) Spinach

Spinach is termed as the healthiest among green and leafy vegetables. It houses some of the highest amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Spinach can be eaten either raw or tossed along with the salads. Foods rich in vitamin E help the body fight off diseases by increasing the body’s ability to produce a healthy amount of WBCs. Always remember the fact that steaming or cooking spinach just prior to the meal actually amps up the nutritional value of the same. Consuming half cup of the spinach provides you 16 percent of the daily requirement.

3) Peanuts

Vitamin E rich foods such as peanuts contain ample amount of this nutrient while being tasty as well. It is also a good source of monounsaturated fats along with antioxidants. The best thing about peanuts is the fact that it helps in prevention of gallstones and colon cancer while being good for your heart health. If you are in search of vitamin E foods for skin, peanut can be a good source as it balances the sebum production while providing a radiating glow to the skin.

4) Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that flaunts ample amount of fiber, low carbohydrates, all the while being a rich source of carotenoids. Just a single avocado can provide you 20 percent of the DV for vitamin E. If you are looking for some yummy vitamin E rich fruits, avocado is surely a delicious treat for the tongue.

5) Almonds

Just 4-5 almond seeds can provide you a quick fix for the energy requirement and boost you up to walk that extra mile. If you are looking for vitamin E foods for skin, make sure you add almond to your daily diet. Almond is a great fix for shinier and healthy looking skin. To top it all, you can get gorgeous hairs with regular and regulated consumption of almonds. If you hate to consume the seed in its raw form, you can easily drink away a glass full of the almond milk.

6) Shrimp

Now who doesn’t love the taste of a freshly cooked shrimp? Add to that the benefit of being a rich source of vitamin E. Now, won’t you love to grab some of this goodness to add to your daily diet? This low-calorie vitamin e food for hair can provide your deprived hair of all the necessary nutrition which includes vitamin E, B12, B3, copper, and selenium. You can easily combine the shrimp along with tomatoes, chopped onions, chili pepper, lemon juice, garlic, along with some olive oil drizzled on top.

7) Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts provide you up to 21 percent of the daily-required vitamin E along with vitamin A and Vitamin C. It is also a rich source of protein. It contains a high amount of folate that helps bring down the bad cholesterol of LDL. It can be consumed raw or added to chocolates, cookies, pies, cake, etc. You can also consume it in the form of butter.

8) Asparagus

Asparagus is a great vitamin E rich vegetable that brings together anti-inflammatory properties along with beta carotene, manganese, selenium, zinc, and vitamin C. It can easily provide 18 percent of the total daily requirement when consumed 100 grams. Asparagus houses nutrients and minerals that help bring down the chances of cancer, regulate the blood sugar, and helps in better digestion. You can easily whip up a good omelet that is stuffed with pieces of asparagus. You can also cook it along with some fresh mushrooms, tofu, or bell pepper paired with aromatic garlic.

9) Broccoli

Broccoli is the green member of cabbage family. It is a great source of vitamin E with ample amount of protein. The best thing about broccoli is the fact that it houses some anti-cancer properties that can help you reduce the chances of having one as well. It is among the best food for full body detox. It effectively brings down the bad cholesterol in the body while maintaining a good balance between the omega-3 and omega-6. Make sure you boil broccoli in low flame to keep the nutrition intact.

10) Mango

This south-Asian based fruit is tasty to eat and the USP of this fruits is the fact that this fruit houses ample amount of vitamin E. This adds to another reason for eating this tasty fruit. A 100-gram serving of mango will provide you with 6 percent of the daily requirement while half of the fruit can provide you up to 10 percent of the total requirement. You can consume ripe mango either as it is or opt for amazing smoothies while adding different types of fruits to it.

Although vitamin E can be found in abundance in nature, it is essential that you should amp up the value of your daily intake through a properly maintained daily diet that houses fruits and vegetables that are a good source of vitamin E.

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