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Top 10 Vitamin C Rich Foods and their Benefits

Vitamin C plays a vital role in keeping your body performance at an optimum level. This water-soluble vitamin is a great antioxidant that keeps up the overall health of connective tissues inside your body. Your body requires a balance between the different types of vitamins which is why it is necessary for you to maintain a diet that carries everything in perfect proportion. It can effectively protect you against deficiencies in the immune system, cardiovascular diseases, eye disease, prenatal health issues, along with skin wrinkling. It is very easy to suffer from deficiency of vitamin C which is why you should include foods that carry the same in ample amount.

Top 10 Vitamin C Rich Foods and their Benefits

10 Best Vitamin C Rich Foods

Here are some vitamin C rich foods that can help you maintaining the balance of nutrition in the body.

1) Guava

A 100-gram serving of guava can house about 228.3 mg vitamin C which is close to 381 percent of the daily requirement. It ranks high among the foods rich in vitamin C content. Consuming even one will get you through the day. You can either, eat it as it is or add it to the fruit salad along with carrot, apples, beetroot, cucumber, etc. If you aren’t the one to chew a lot, you can opt to extract the juice out of guava and pair it with a hint of lime and Himalayan salt. Alternatively, you can also apply the guava jelly onto your fresh toast.

2) Yellow Bell Pepper

When you go through vitamin C fruits and vegetable chart, you can easily see that the yellow variety of bell pepper is rich in vitamin C. A 100-gram serving brings to you 306 percent of daily requirement that is close to 183 mg vitamin C. This rich source of vitamin C effectively boosts your body immunity while making your next meal all the more colorful and tasty. You can add slices of this bell pepper onto your sandwich, wraps, or salad. Adding it to pasta or Mexican cuisines effectively lifts the taste of the same.

3) Green Chili

Now not everyone might be a fan of green chilies but yes, they bring to you a whopping 404 percent of daily vitamin C requirement which is 242 mg for 100 gram serving. You can add chilies directly to the green salad to spice it up or add it to the curries, stews, or other dishes. However, keep in mind the fact that people suffering from IBD/IBS should refrain from consuming it as it might upset the stomach badly.

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4) Parsley

This aromatic herb is a great option when you are looking through vitamin C foods list for something that has ample amount of this nutrient. For a serving size of 100 grams, you get 133 mg vitamin C, which is 222 percent of daily requirement. Apart from increasing your body immunity, it is great for the skin too. If you are looking for vitamin C foods for skin, make sure you pick some parsley from the supermarket. It helps balance the production of sebum with the help of vitamin C present in it, which brings down the acne production.

5) Cloves

Clovves come with a distinct smell that increases the taste and aroma of the food you consume. But did you know that this small black scented genie houses 135 percent of daily vitamin C requirement for a 100 gram serving which is about 80.8 mg. It is known for its properties such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral. Apart from that, it is also good for the treatment of toothache.

6) Lychee

Apart from having potassium and some healthy fast, Lychee makes up for a great vitamin C rich fruit. It contains about 119 percent of daily vitamin C requirement which boils down to 71.5 mg for a 100 grams serving.

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7) Orange

Orange ranks among the popular names in citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C. For a 100 grams serving of orange, you get 89 percent of the daily requirement. If you are looking for rich source of vitamin C, make sure you include oranges to your daily food intake. You can either eat it raw or make some tasty juice out of it. You can make jelly, syrup, jam, etc with oranges. You can add it to wraps or salads to add that extra hint of vitamin C to your food.

8) Lemon

Being a citrus fruit, lemon carries a good amount of vitamin C which is 88 percent of daily requirement that boils down to 53 mg for a serving of 100 grams. The best thing about them is the fact that they are very low in term of calories. You can add lemon to a glass of water and drink it to remove all the toxins from the body early in the morning as you wake up. You can also add it to your smoothie. Lemon zest when added to cakes make up for an amazing taste.

9) Cauliflower

If you are hunting for vitamin C rich vegetables, cauliflowers are among the best ones. This protein-rich vegetable brings to you 77 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement which is close to 48.4 mg for a serving of 100 grams. Apart from that, it also houses ample amount of vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. You can easily grills, saute, or roast the cauliflower with some freshly ground spices along with some herbs to top it. You can consume the goodness of this vegetable via cauliflower casserole as well.

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10) Spinach

Now you must have watched the cartoon-Popeye the Sailor Man! Here Popeye got his enormous power by eating a can of spinach. Similarly, in real life this vegetable is a hero with ample amount of nutrition along with vitamin C as well. With 100 gram serving of spinach, you get 28.1 mg of the vitamin c which is close to 47 percent of daily requirement. You can add this vegetable to chicken, mushroom, tofu, eggs, fish, etc. You can also consume it with soup or broth for extra health.

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