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Top 10 Vitamin B3 Rich Foods and their Benefits

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, is a kind of vitamin that is soluble in water and acts as a portion of the enzymes which helps in energy metabolism. A deficiency of vitamin B3 in the body may lead to dementia, diarrhoea, poor concentration, depression, dermatitis and anxiety. It can also lead to formation of inflammation in mouth, delirium, even to death if not treated on time. Vitamin B3 is well regulated by the human body; hence, the cases of overdose are very rare and will only take place when it is consumed in supplements form. An overdose of vitamin B3 results in dry skin, skin flushed or rashes, different kinds of digestive maladies. An overdose for long term period can result in significant damage to the liver, increased birth defects risks, elevated levels of blood sugar and diabetes of type II.

Top 10 Vitamin B3 Rich Foods and their Benefits

People who have deficiency of vitamin B3 may also experience indigestion, fatigue, circulatory issues, vomiting, depression, balancing disorder and canker sores. Alcoholics as well as people suffering from HIV/AIDS are prone to develop deficiency of vitamin B3 in their bodies. Individuals who also happen to consume highly processed diet at frequent intervals are also vulnerable to develop deficiency of vitamin B3. Processed grains, sugary foods, white flour, white bread, corn syrup and other wheat products can result in inadequate levels of vitamin B3.

10 Best Vitamin B3 Rich Foods

The RDA for vitamin B3 is 14 mg per day for women and 16 mg per day men. The daily value has to be 20 mg. If you think to be suffering from deficiency of vitamin B3, you need to consume more of the foods mentioned below that are rich on vitamin B3 on a regular basis.

1) Fish  

Fish like Cooked Yellowfin Tuna has 22.1 mg of vitamin B3 per 100 g. Other fish that have high content of vitamin B3 are Skipjack Tuna that has 80% of DV per 3oz fish cooked, Wild Salmon that has 4% of DV, Bluefin Tuna and Mackerel of about 45%, Farmed Halibut and Salmon with 34% of DV.

2) Turkey and Chicken (Cooked Breast)

Both chicken and turkey have high levels of vitamin B3 content which is generally present in lightly roasted condition. These foods contain almost 50 % of DV per cooked 3oz.

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3) Pork (Lean Cooked Chop)

Lean pork contains 10.9 mg of vitamin B3 in 100 g of meat which is dense amount. Other cuts of pork that are high in vitamin B3 are lean mince and Sirloin that have 44 % and 35 %  of DV per cooked 3 oz.

4) Liver of Lamb (Cooked)

Liver of Lamb is rich source of vitamin B3 as it contains around 83 % DV which 16.7 mg per 100g of meat. The other livers that are rich in vitamin B3 include that of Beef. It has around 75 % of DV per cooked 3oz, pork having 36 % of DV and chicken of 57 %.

5) Oil Roasted Peanuts

Peanuts are great source of vitamin B3. They contain 13.8 mg of vitamin B3 in 100 g which is 69 % of DV. It can be consumed in the form of peanut butter which has 4.4 mg of vitamin B3 in 2 tablespoons of peanut butter that accounts for 32 g.

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 6) Cooked lean Beef Ribs

Beefs are very preferable source of food for people having deficiency of vitamin B3 as it contains 9.0 mg of vitamin B3 in 100g which is of 45 % DV. The other cuts of beef that are high in vitamin B3 are Beef Fillet which has 37 %, Lean Sirloin Steak which has 38 % and Tenderloin having 36% of vitamin B3.

7) Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Mushrooms have almost 6.3 mg of vitamin B3 in 100g of quantity that accounts to 31 % DV. This makes it as one of the best foods for people suffering from vitamin B3 deficiency. The other varieties of mushrooms that are rich in vitamin B3 include Oyster that has 21 % of vitamin B3, cooked white mushrooms having 35 %, Chanterelle which has 11 % of vitamin B3 and Brown mushrooms that has 14 % of vitamin B3 .

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8) Fresh Green Peas

One cup of fresh, frozen green peas has 2.1 mg of vitamin B3 in every 100 g which denotes to 10 % DV. On the other hand, one cup of canned peas has 8 % of DV.

9) Avocado

A half avocado contains 160 calories and 1.7 mg of vitamin B3 per every 100g which is 9 % of DV.

10) Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds of 100 g contain 8.3 mg of vitamin B3 which denotes to around 42 % of DV. Other seeds that have high quantities of vitamin B3 include Chia and sesame seeds.

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