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Top 10 Vitamin B2 Rich Foods and their Benefits

Vitamins function as one of the most important faction of nutrients required by our body. However, improper diet and fast food consumption might bring down the amount of nutritional intake in our body which could lead to occurrence of various diseases that hamper our social as well as physical health. Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin, is an important segment of vitamin B which when deficient in the body could affect the bodily functions at a cellular level. Vitamin B2 is known to lower any chances of heart disease like stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or any similar degenerative diseases. This happens as the vitamin helps in lowering the overall homocysteine level in the body.

Top 10 Vitamin B2 Rich Foods and their Benefits

Vitamin B2 deficiency

Lacking the required amount of vitamin B2 in the body can cause reddening or cracking of lips known as cheliosis, blood vessels in white section of eyes, itching and burning of eyes, scaly rashes on skin, sore throat, ulcers, mouth inflammation along with Anaemia.

10 Best Vitamin B2 Rich Foods

One can easily acquire the daily requirement of vitamin B2 with an array of food available at our disposal in local markets. Listed below are top 10 foods rich in vitamin B2.

1) Nuts

Nuts are termed as vitamin rich food which can be eaten as a part of daily diet full of nutrition. Almonds rank as the best source of vitamin B2 which when served 100 grams provides one a vitamin content of 60% of DV which is equal to 1.10mg. Similarly, one can get about 4 percent of the total vitamin B2 requirement from nuts such as cashew nuts, pistachios and pine nuts. The best thing about nuts is that it can be carried any where anytime.

2) Lamb and Beef

Beef is a great provider of vitamin B2 as well as similar vitamin B complex segments. A lean steak houses about 89 percent of this particular vitamin. Riboflavin can also be found in lamb up to a percentage of 21% of daily requirement. Similarly, veal provides about 20% of vitamin B2. Beef liver also makes up as a good option to increase the Vitamin B2 intake.

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3) Mushrooms

Mushrooms of different types contain diverse amounts of this vitamin. Brown coloured Italian mushrooms have about 29% of the total B2 requirement. Similarly, other species of mushroom have vitamin B2 in varying amounts which include white mushrooms at 29 percent, grilled portabella at 29 percent along with dried shiitake at 22 percent for 8 pieces of mushrooms.

4) Oily Fish

Oily fish makes up as a rich spring of vitamins along with Omega-3. For vitamin B12, mackerel is one of the top ranking sources which have about 34 percent of DV for 100 grams of serving. Any smoked variety of Salmon has about 27 percent of vitamin B2 whereas a trout contains about 21 percent of vitamin B2. Similarly, tuna has about 15 percent of the total vitamin B2 requirement and the herring has the same amount of this vitamin.

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5) Eggs

Eggs contain a good amount of riboflavin. If you consume a single boiled egg, you get about 15 percent of the total B2 requirement. Raw fried egg gets you around 13 percent of vitamin B2 whereas poached egg contains around 11 percent of the same.

6) Lean Pork

Pork provides the best source of vitamins along with all the B complex vitamins. A small piece of the lean pork has about 183 percent of the total vitamin B2 requirement. Different varieties of post house different amounts of the riboflavin which is about 24 percent for ground pork, 23 percent for pork shoulder and 22 percent for pork loin.

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7) Seeds

If you are looking for seeds that contain the best amount of vitamin B2, then Sesame seeds make up as the richest source of B2 given the fact that they house about 27 percent of the total vitamin B2 requirement on any given day. Sunflowers house about 6 percent of the vitamin B2 whereas chia seeds, squash seeds and pumpkin seeds have about 3 percent of the total vitamin B2 requirement.

8) Green Vegetables

Greens flaunt an amazing amount of vitamin B2 which starts with Spinach as the king amidst them all. It houses about 14 percent of the total riboflavin required by the body on a daily basis. Apart from that, the green vegetables that have a significant amount of riboflavin are asparagus at 14 percent, beet greens 24 percent, collard greens at 12 percent, drumstick leaves at 13 percent, dandelion greens at 11 percent as well as broccoli at 8 percent.

9) Cheese

Cheese houses about 81 percent of the daily vitamin b2 requirement which varies according to the variety of the cheese. Goat cheese has about 20 percent vitamin B2, feta has 14 percent, Brie has about 9 percent and Roquefort cheese has about 10 percent of the daily vitamin B2 requirement.

10) Milk

Milk is a popular source of vitamin B2 with 26 percent of the riboflavin for one cup milk. The amount varies in accordance to the type of milk which is skimmed or whole milk.

Add a good amount of B2 rich food to your diet for proper body metabolism as well as cellular functioning which can help you accomplish your work with better energy and good health.

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