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Top 10 Vitamin B1 Rich Foods and their Benefits

Keeping a check on our daily food consumption requires a lot of effort and careful monitoring. There are a few nutrients and minerals which play an important role in deciding your overall health. One of these crucial components is vitamin B1, which is important for the healthy body functioning. It is better known as thiamin or thiamine in biological terms and serves as an important source of health and energy. Our central nervous system is maintained via the presence of this vitamin. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to lethargy, degeneration of body, improper functioning of circulatory system and nervous system. Lower amount of vitamin B1 can also cause beriberi.

Top 10 Vitamin B1 Rich Foods and their Benefits

10 Best Vitamin B1 Rich Foods

Incorporation of food elements rich in vitamin B1 can help in prevention of any disease that can wreck havoc to your body. Here is a well curated list of top rated food to balance the vitamin B1 level in the body.

1) Nuts

Nuts align in the nutrient rich category of food with vitamin B1 present in a substantial amount. Macadamia nuts contain about 47% of DV when taken in an amount of 100 grams. Apart from that, other nuts such as pistachios, Brazil nuts, pecans, and cashew nuts provide an excellent source of vitamin B1. Rather than munching on unhealthy snacks, its time you should invest in nuts for healthy living conditions.

2) Fish

Fishes contain a high amount of the good fatty acids known as Omega-3. A major faction of fishes available in the fresh water or seas contain good amount of vitamin B1. The highest level of this vitamin is present inside the Yellow Fin Tuna which provides around 35 percent of the DV. Trout variety of fish houses 28 percent of vitamin B1 for a serving of 100 grams. Apart from that, Salmon houses 19 percent DV while Shad houses 10 percent DV. A fish as a part of your daily meal constitutes as a major contributor of vitamin B1.

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3) Lean Pork

Lean Pork also makes up for a good non-vegetarian source for vitamin B1. It contributes up to 74 percent of the total vitamin B1 required on a single day for a serving of 100 grams. Along with lean pork, one can also invest in loin and tenderloin of the lean pork which also provides a good amount of vitamin B1.

4) Green Peas

For vegetarians, green peas are a good source of vitamin B1 given the fact that they contribute about 19 percent of the total vitamin B1 required in a day for a serving of 100 grams. However, there is a substantial difference between the amounts of vitamin B1 when eaten fresh or frozen. Green peas make up as a great taste enhancer while adding the much required element of nutrition to the veggies you consume.

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5) Beans

Any variety of beans; be it navy beans, pinto beans, or black beans provide as a good source of vitamin B1 along with the healthy proteins. Navy beans contain about 16 percent of 0.24 mg of the vitamin for a serving of 100 grams while the pink beans contain 29% DV, Mung beans contain 22 percent DV, and black beans contain about 28 percent vitamin B1 of DV.

6) Squash

Squash is a food available in numerous varieties but one thing is common for all. Any variety of squash acts as a good source of vitamin B1. Take for example, acorn squash that contains about 0.17 mg of vitamin B1 which is about 11 percent DV for a serving of 100 grams.

7) Edamame

Along with rich content of protein, edamame or dry version of roasted soybeans are good sources for vitamin B1 for the body. They provide about 28 percent of the total vitamin B1 required in a day with 100 grams of serving. However, the same should be consumed in a moderate amount given the fact that it is highly loaded with calories. One ounce of edamame contains about 126 calories.

8) Seeds

Seeds make up for a genuine source of vitamin B1. Seeds such as sunflower contain the maximum amount of vitamin B1 for a serving of 100 grams which is about 99 percent of the daily requirement. Following that, the sesame seeds make up for a good source of this vitamin with about 80% of the total requirement for the day.

9) Cooked Asparagus

When you take a look at the population of greens, cooked asparagus acts as a great provider of vitamin B1 for a serving of 100 grams. It contains about 11 percent of the DV for vitamin B1 whereas an uncooked one contains just 5 percent. This further lowers down to 4 percent for cooked frozen version of asparagus.

10) Bread

Bread contributes about 0.14mg of DV for vitamin B1 which is equal to 9 percent of the total requirement in a day. This is applicable for the wheat flour. The wheat bagel has 26 percent DV whereas the Rye bread has 9 percent DV for vitamin B1.

It’s high time that you should start incorporating this vitamin into your diet to ensure that your health is better than ever. Feel free to experiment and do not forget to consult your doctor or dietician.

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