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Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Foods and their Benefits

Vitamin A is a crucial component which helps in the maintenance of healthy eyesight along with proper neurological function, hormonal health, and healthy/glowing skin. Not just that, this element is responsible for a proper functioning of lungs, digestive system, liver and kidneys. Vitamin A can be obtained from an array of food source which include kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, butter, eggs, and some organ meats which include chicken liver or beef. On an average, adults require about 700 to 900 micrograms RAE of vitamin A on a daily basis. This amount differs in special cases such as pregnant women.

Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Foods and their Benefits

Deficiency of Vitamin A

Xerophthalmia is a term addressed to the deficiency of this vitamin in the body. Now, vitamin A deficiency can either be due to less consumption of the same or your body is unable to synthesize the vitamin from the food you consume.

Vitamin A malabsorption can be caused because of the following health issues such as:

  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Alcoholism
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • IBS
  • Liver damage
  • Pancreatic Disorder
  • Heartburn or GERD
  • Major calorie restriction

Conditions and symptoms that cause deficiency of vitamin A include the following:

  • Night blindness which can turn into potential blindness when left untreated.
  • Cornea thickening.
  • Dryness in eyes, hair and mouth.
  • Higher chances of having respiratory infections along with ear and lung infection as well.
  • Skin issues such as flaking, dryness of scalp, dandruff, cystic acne.
  • Fertility issues which includes pregnancy complications.
  • Restricted fetal growth, poor development pattern in children and infants.

10 Best Vitamin A Rich Foods

Let’s take a look at the best food to consume when lacking vitamin A in the body.

1) Carrots

Carrots top the chart being the best source of vitamin A. If you manage to find a medium sized carrot, be assured that you will have double the daily recommended amount of this vitamin as per the daily consumption chart. Carrots make up as one of the major part of Asian cuisine. Consumption of carrots along with some greens as salad make up as the ultimate food with all that is required for your body to function at an optimal level. Apart from that, carrots are also a rich source of vitamin B, K and C. Magnesium and Fibre also make up as major component of this red veggie.

2) Lettuce

Less calorie and lots of vitamin A, what more do we want from such a beautiful green coloured vegetable. A big cup of this vegetable provides you with the required amount of vitamin A with a mere 10 calories. One can get about 7% of total vitamin A recommended for the day from just lettuce. Apart from lettuce, one can also find some this vitamin in mustard greens, spinach, kale and fenugreek.

3) Sweet Potato

Sweet potato earned its much coveted popularity by the early settlers of America. With a medium sized serving of sweet potato one can get 43% of total vitamin A required in the whole day. With 103 calories, they do not add on to your weight. Best of all, they can be baked, eaten raw or mixed with soup. Sweet potatoes are better alternative to the regular potatoes.

4) Fish Oil

Grilled fish along with some tasty spices sprinkled on top. Isn’t this the perfect food for Sunday brunch? Small quantities of fish oil included in your food can largely improve your health. If you are a vegetarian, you can opt for cod liver as a supplement to fish oil which is packed with vitamin A, D along with the healthy “Omega 3” fatty acids.

5) Tomato

Tomatoes are a widely eaten fruit all across the world with applications in various preparations as well as salad. It is an easily available source of vitamin A. Tomatoes are also known to help in reduction of cancer cells with an enzyme named as Lycopene. A mineral named chromium present abundantly in tomatoes help control the sugar level.

6) Red Pepper

A small tablespoon of finely chopped peppers of red coloured variety make up for a great source of vitamin A fulfilling around 42% of total daily recommendation. Apart from being a rich carrier of vitamin A, these peppers also carry carotenoids which act as powerful antioxidant for the body.

7) Milk

Apart from being a major source of calcium, milk also provides you with the much needed vitamin A. A tall glass of milk early in the morning with breakfast provides you magnesium, vitamin D and protein. If you are looking for a diet version of the same for weight loss, go for skimmed milk or just bring down the amount of milk you consume.

8) Liver

Even a minimal amount of liver added to your daily diet can benefit your overall health. Not just that, if you consume turkey liver of 100 grams, you get about 1507% from the daily vitamin A recommendation.

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9) Paprika

Paprika is popularly used as a condiment in South American, Spanish as well as Indian food. A single spoon of paprika can add up to 69% of the total vitamin A recommendation on a daily scale.

10) Herbs and Parsley

Parsley along with chopped herbs can easily make your food taste better. To top it, this taste enhancing gift of god comes with a good amount of vitamin A which is equal to 15% of total daily recommendation.

Always remember to add some good fat with your vitamin A sources to ensure that it is absorbed properly by the body as it is vitamin that depends on fat content for its absorption. For proper estimation of vitamin A requirements, make sure you consult your doctor.

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