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Top 10 Health Benefits of Figs

Fig is a fruit native to the country of India along with the nation of Turkey. The fruit was introduced to America during the 1500s. Figs are known to have 5 common varieties which include Kadota, Black Mission, Calimyrna, Adriatic and Brown Turkey. Health benefits of figs or Anjeer is tremendous which include its powerful antioxidants along with essential minerals like manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin B6 and potassium.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Figs (or Anjeer)

10 Best Health Benefits of Figs

Let’s take a look at the benefits housed by this tasty little fruit.

1) Better health during Pregnancy

Figs hold great benefits for pregnant women, especially when it comes to keeping the cholesterol level in check as you eat for two while you carry a child. Health benefits of figs during pregnancy also include vision protection, prevention of breast cancer, blood pressure regulation and a good boost to the digestion.

2) Weight Loss Inducer

Being rich in the fiber content makes fig a great addition to your weight loss diet. Health benefits of figs dried include its capacity to help your feel full for extended hours. Figs contribute in the removal of extra oestrogen from the body that could otherwise lead to symptoms of menopause along with substantial weight gain.

3) Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Figs when paired along with prunes help in the prevention of heart-related diseases. The Health benefits of figs and prunes include decreased chances of any heart disease due to the rich content of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids along phenol that is known to bring down the harmful cholesterol in the body.

4) Controls Diabetes

With the fast-moving world, taking care of health has become the most ignored aspect of our lives. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes have started affecting the younger generation on a bigger scale than before. Figleaves contain anti-diabetic elements that bring down the triglyceride level in the body which helps lower the risk of developing diabetes. The Health benefits of figs leaves include its property to help the body require less dosage of insulin to deal with the disease. With fig leaves as a part of your diet, you get to lower the dosage of insulin required by you on a daily basis which can be a costly as well as lifetime process.

5) Prevents Cancer

Health benefits of figs and dates include its power to defend the body from onset of cancer. The elements that are contained within figs and dates tend to be toxic to the cancerous cells that help in prevention of the disease or slow down its progress to help with accurate treatment in time. These particular elements are generally found in the Ficus carica which is a type of fig.

6) Decreases Hypertension

Sodium consumed in the form of salt might lead to hypertension with the potassium level going down subsequently. Hypertension leads to High Blood Pressure that can actually be harmful to your heart health if not taken care of at right time with a proper diet. The Health benefits of figs in Islam as followed by the people following the religion includes its application in the management of the sodium-potassium balance. Being rich in potassium gives the body a chance to bring back the balance between both.

7) Better Hair Health

Figs are generally known to be amazing hair conditioners that provide shine and softness to the hairs. Health benefits of figs for hair also include its use as a nutrient source for hair growth. Figs are an abundant source of vitamin c, magnesium as well as vitamin E. You can also derive health benefits of figs with milk when mixed together and applied on the scalp as massage therapy.

8) Treats Stomach Ailments

Figs mixed with olive oil are highly beneficial for your stomach health. The fiber-rich content of this fruit aids in the better digestion of food. Health benefits of figs and olive include the soluble fiber that tends to attract liquid while your food moves via the body’s digestive system. On the other hand, the insoluble half of the fiber found inside the figs help in aiding with the proper removal of the stool from the body.

9) Controls Asthma

Asthma is a bothersome and painful respiratory disease that comes with symptoms such as shortness of breath and a feeling of the chest being clasped strongly. Health benefits of figs for asthma include its ability to clear out mucus from the bronchial tubes in the lungs. Figs have been known to treat phlegmatic cases arising from asthma with success. Figs are used of drain the phlegm which in turn clears the airway passage.

10) Reduction in Sexual Dysfunction

Figs have been consumed for years by people suffering from sexual dysfunction such as erectile issues, sterility and endurance. Figs have also seen relevance in mythology where it was used as sexual supplement that increased fertility. It acts a natural aphrodisiac but the same has not been confirmed by scientific studies and is still under debate. However, fig is known to provide boost in the energy with proper sexual stamina to perform better while copulation.

Figs tend to provide ample benefits when consumed in the right amount and proper way. However, it is to be noted that one should not consume the same before getting into any kind of surgery as it can lead to occasional bleeding inside the body’s digestive tract for people who are sensitive to it.

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