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Top 10 Health Benefits of Dates

Khajoor, Kharjura, Khejoor, Kharik, so many names belong to date and so does many benefits. It is a wonderful storehouse of numerous essential vitamins and minerals. This little adorable dark fruit has some really amazing benefits mixed with its sweetness. This article unveils some really amazing health benefits of dates.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Dates

10 Health Benefits of Dates

1) Filled with Fiber

Presence of fiber is really one of the most amazing health benefits of dates for pregnancy. Dates are suffused with fiber. Presence of fiber regulates the digestion process. Dates is a delicious boon during pregnancy as it suffices cravings and also helps to eliminate chances of constipation during pregnancy. There are other health benefits of dates for pregnancy as well. It helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol during pregnancy and also provides a feeling of satiation.

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2) Gaining Weight

Gaining Weight

Dates is a tasty treat for those who are aspiring to gain weight. It is filled with necessary sugar, protein and vitamins for weight gain. Gaining weight is one of the proven health benefits of dates with milk. Also adding banana to the mixture of dates and milk can fasten this process.

3) Beautifies Skin

Health benefits of dates for skin are countless. It is an enormous storehouse of vitamin c and vitamin d that restores the elasticity of the skin making the skin smoother than ever before. It also renders some amazing anti-ageing health benefits of dates for skin. Not only this but dates can actually help you to fight all of your stubborn skin problems.

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4) Hair Nourishment

Dates are enriched with vitamin B5. This ingredient can save you from perverse hair issues like split ends, thinning, brittle hair. Walnuts can be used as an addendum to the dates diet. Walnuts contain vitamin b7 and provides extra protection against hair fall and also aggrandize the strength of the hair. Thus when health benefits of dates and walnuts come close, they become the perfect hair dose.

5) Muscle Build Up

Muscle Build Up

Dates have some amazing innate power to develop abs and other muscles and therefore it is becoming a very popular method of muscle building. When dates are mixed with milk, health benefits of dates with milk triggers in and enhances the process of enhancing muscles. This paste can also contain stuff like yogurt, butter or bread to make it more tasty. No wonder why dates is on “the most liked” list of gym freaks.

6) Exacerbate Metabolism

Dates are adorned with laxative property. It monitors the digestive system and ensures that the digestive process goes well. Hence it ensures a well regulated healthy metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. This is one of the really appreciable health benefits of dates for weight loss. Also dates can be combined with walnuts to see better results. Since walnuts are rich in fiber and provide you with satiety they can be a startling tool to fight against stubborn weight. When health benefits of dates and walnuts combine, they create wonder.

7) Health benefits of Dates for Diabetics

Health benefits of Dates for Diabetics

Dates are high in fiber, low in salt and low in fat. These small adorable fruits hide massive amounts of vitamin b and c inside them and rescues you from constipation. This is one of the well known health benefits of dates for diabetics. Though diabetics should adopt a little caution while taking in dates as it has a high sugar content and also different kinds of dates possess different levels of glycemic index.

8) Contains Nicotine

Dates encompass nicotine which contributes to the health benefits of dates for weight loss. Thus they are capable of killing the bad bacteria and promoting the growth of the good ones. It has also successful track record in curing digestive problems or gut problems. Healthy digestion and gut ensures weight loss.

9) Fights Heart Disease

Health benefits of dates and honey are stunning. Dates are known to minimize the risk of heart strokes since a very long time. If you are planning to seek better results then you can think of adding honey in your diet. Honey is enriched with flavonoids which not only reduces the risk of heart diseases but is also capable of fighting certain cancers. Ensuring a healthy heart is one of the health benefits of dates and honey both.

10) Health benefits of Dates and Figs

After taking in more of salt, the potassium-sodium balance of your body gets disturbed which ultimately results in high blood pressure and hypertension issues. Dates and figs both are low sodium food items that can help you fight with this problem. Preventing hypertension is one of the health benefits of both dates and figs. Also both of them are intensified with fiber which amazingly helps in the process of weight loss. Health benefits of dates for weight loss are not unknown and so are those of fig. When put together they both can create mojo.

So these were some health benefits of dates. They were so good that they seem to be a dream but get ready to believe that this is not a mere dream. It exists. Dates might not be colossal but they surely are mighty.

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