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Top 10 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroots, also simply called as garden beets or red beets can be termed as one of the most overlooked vegetables, may be due to the not so appealing appearance and its tendency to stain the attire and hands. But this highly nutritious vegetable is a staple vegetable for good health. It is not only low in fat but also packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants. It also has potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B6 and C, folic acid and zinc. Here are the top 10 health benefits of beetroot.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Beetroot

10 Best Health Benefits of Beetroot

1) Improves Brain Function

Beetroot has a great positive effect on the brain function because it helps pump blood flow to the brain which further aids in fighting off age dementia. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants that benefit in keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay. Health benefits of beetroot juice mixed with other green vegetable juices is that it strengthens the memory.

2) Prevents Cancer

The amalgamation of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances in beetroot decreases the risk of various kinds of cancer like colon, lung and stomach along with breast, prostate and testicular cancers. Betacyanin in beetroot slows the growth of tumors. To avoid cancer, eat beetroot regularly as salad or juice.

3) Manages Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure have an advantage from regular use of beetroot because of its high nitrate content. The body will convert the nitrates to nitrites thereby further producing a gas called nitric oxide. Both of these components will widen the arteries and reduce the blood pressure. It also decreases the risk of stroke, heart attack and various other cardiovascular issues. So, having beetroot daily will maintain heart health and control blood pressure.

4) Improves Stamina

Consuming cooked beetroot or drinking its juice before exercise boosts the performance level. The reason behind this is that the nitrates in beetroot get converted into nitric oxide by the body. The nitric oxide further tends to dilate the blood vessels, which will in turn enhance oxygen delivery in and around the body. This improves stamina and boosts performance. Additionally, it will lead to more stamina and less fatigue. The next time if there arises a need for extra stamina and endurance within less time, you can simply boost your performance naturally by drinking some beetroot juice.

5) Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Beet has an important role in reducing the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) level and the bad cholesterol as well. Owing to carotenoids and flavonoids, beetroot reduces and avoids bad cholesterol. Health benefits of beetroot leaves will show by adding them to your diet and easily managing the cholesterol level.

6) Supports Bone Health

Health benefits of beetroot and carrot in your diet are stronger bones, teeth and eyes. Beetroot has silica that helps calcium absorption in the body. Calcium, folate, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium and copper are key for healthy and strong bones and all these nutrients are present in beet and carrot which help prevent osteoporosis.

7) Treats Anemia

Health benefits of beetroot and carrot juice is that it is high in iron content and avoid anemia or low blood hemoglobin. It revitalizes the red blood cells and transports oxygen and nutrients to all body parts. The copper that is present in beetroot is known to have a potential to help the body absorb the iron element in a better manner within the body. Drinking beetroot and carrot juice daily regenerates and reactivates red blood cells treating anemia.

8) Aids Detoxification

Health benefits of beetroot wine is now becoming a trend as it is highly useful for your liver to detoxify. This is due to methionine and glycine betaine in beetroot. These pigments stimulate liver cells and cause detoxification. Beetroot shields the liver from fat, protein deficiency and alcohol abuse. Beetroot juice or wine has choline that combats bile or liver ailments.

9) Prevents Birth Defects

Beetroot has high content of folic acid which is an important element for the formation of an unborn child’s spinal cord. It protects the foetus from spina bifida. The iron in beetroot gives good blood for the baby and energy for expecting mothers.

10) Reduces Skin Problems

There are many health benefits of beetroot juice for skin. Beetroot is great for skin also and the anti-inflammatory property aids in the prevention of skin inflammations like acne because beet purify the blood, that in turn causes a healthy glow to the skin. It also leads to removal of dead skin cells and production of new ones. The antioxidant in beet shields the skin from premature aging by diminishing free radicals. For retaining beauty and healthy skin, drinking beetroot juice is crucial.

Thus, this red root has tonnes of benefits. It amplifies the health both from inside and outside. What are you waiting for? Just start eating beetroot regularly and reap the immense health benefits it has to offer!

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