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Top 10 Health Benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. This is an age old adage that never fails to prove itself. Apples are such a magical fruit. Did you know that they make use of polyphenols to safeguard them against harmful ultra violet rays just like sunscreen? Just think what great wonders this fruit can bring to your life. A day started with a basket of healthy fresh apples is the day started right. This article will reveal some health benefits of apple a day.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Apples

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

1) Fighting Anaemia

Apple is packed with loads of iron. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be might face lack of iron and hence anaemia. This leads to certain complications like low birth weight and unexpected labour. Apple being rich in iron helps to fight anaemia and this is one of the best health benefits of apples during pregnancy. This is also one of the most amazing health benefits of apples for babies in the womb as apple ensures good health of both mom and baby.

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2) Low Calorie Content

Low Calorie Content

Being a low calorie snack is one of the health benefits of apples for weight loss. There is one more fruit that has this same low calorie composition just like apples and that is pear. Being low in calories is one of the most astonishing health benefits of apples and pears and when they are taken together their benefits get intensified. This combination ensures a check on your weight and a hale and hearty heart.

3) Healing Stomach Illnesses

Being a perfect remedy to stomach illnesses is one of the greatest health benefits of apples for babies. Stomach disorders are commonly found amongst babies. Apples can be their saviour. Boiled or mashed apples can be given to such babies. Apples also protect one against gastric injuries by forming a protective layer in the stomach itself. Honey can be added to the mashed apples for better results.

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4) Rich Source of Vitamin C

Apple is high in Vitamin C which is a very essential vitamin to sustain the immune system and immunity. It also repairs and takes care of the wear and tear of all the tissues throughout the body. When apples and peanut butter is combined, the health benefits of apples and peanut butter gets intensified. Peanut butter extends vitamin B niacin to the body which ensures lower bad cholesterol and a steady nervous system.

5) High Fibre Content

High Fibre Content

Apples are a wonderful source of fibre and being rich in fibre is one of the most important health benefits of apples for diabetics. It helps to control sugar levels by releasing them slowly into the blood. The best thing about apples is that unlike other fruits it gives you energy but without scotching the glucose level. High fibre content is also one of the health benefits of apples for weight loss. Fibre-filled food helps you get purged of the waste and keeps you appeased for a lengthier period abetting the process of weight loss.

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6) High in Protein

Apple is an amazing source of protein. When slices of apples are topped with covering of peanut butter, health benefits of apples and peanut butter gets combined and creates wonders. This combination is high in protein, provides immense dietary fibre and is one of the loveliest canapés to feed upon. This not only helps to regulate weight but also keeps blood sugar level in control.

7) Cures Cancer

Apples are known to be rich in flavonols and thus they are a very powerful sword when it comes to rescuing one against cancer. Apple and its peel have certain substances that have anti-growth activities against cancer cells in pancreas, breast, liver and colon. Apples can go a long way in protecting one against some deadly cancers.

8) Mighty Food

Mighty Food

Apple is a colossal storehouse of energy. Providing large doses of energy due to its large carbohydrate content is one of the health benefits of apples during pregnancy. The best part is that it provides high energy with fewer calories.

9) Rich in Antioxidants

Health benefits of apples for diabetics are many and being rich in antioxidants is one of them. Infact being a surplus source of antioxidants is one of the health benefits of apples and pears both. Antioxidants enable you to get rid of those stubborn radicals that often form the cause of elevated blood sugar levels. This combo lowers the bad cholesterol as well. People who consume apple on a regular basis are less prone to type 2 diabetes.

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10) Glowing Skin

Apple is not just good for the inner health but for the outer beauty too. Apple has immense skin benefits packed inside it. Apples can lighten, whiten and brighten your skin. It also aids collagen that makes your skin soft, supple, smooth and velvety. Apple adores your skin with a reddish pretty glow.

So these were the some amazing health benefits of apple a day. Before you go out fruit shopping, make sure you have apples on top of your list.

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