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Top 10 Benefits of Good Sleep

Sleep is certainly the most supreme form of meditation. It is that golden binding solution that ties health with bodies. Sleep is one of the most pivotal ingredients to the recipe of a lovely life. Going to sleep ends this day and waking up from sleep starts another. This statement itself proof that both the alpha and omega of the sleep are essential and so is a sound sleep.

Top 10 Benefits of Good Sleep

10 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

This article deals with 10 amazing benefits of good sleep.

1) Enhances Memory and Cognitive Skill

It is true that you acquire knowledge and practice skills when you’re active and you perfect certain things with practice but it is also true that you learn while you’re sleeping. When you’re sleeping, things happen that help you to learn those things better. So be it your maths revision or your table tennis selections, you will definitely do better after sleeping well. Sleep is the time when neuron growth and memory consolidation takes place.

2) Sleep is the Secret to Beautiful Skin

Sleep is the Secret to Beautiful Skin

It is observed that people who do not get adequate sleep, suffers from the aging problems. While people who get sound sleep of 7-8 hours develop these problems to lesser extent. Also good sleep promotes a healthy, lustrous skin. It is only logical to think that beauty sleep is not just a fancy proverb but a real existing thing.

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3) Regulates blood pressure

A good sleep not only regulates your blood pressure but also prevent it from getting high. Inappropriate sleep worsens blood pressure and cholesterol. High blood pressure often makes you prone to strokes and attacks. Also inflammatory proteins contribute to problems like heart strokes, diseases, premature aging and arthritis. People with inadequate sleep have higher inflammatory proteins than the ones who get enough sleep.

4) Sleep promotes Better Mood

Lack of sleep makes you irritated at everything whereas apposite sleep helps you to stay calm and composed all the time. Proper sleep helps you to work with less fatigue and more stamina all during the day while with less sleep even small tasks seem like a never ending struggle.

5) Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Sleep doesn’t directly influence your weight loss but it can help to regulate your drive of appetite. It is a well-known fact that there is once sect in the brain that is responsible for both sleep and metabolism. While sleeping, certain hormones like ghrelin and leptin are secreted that help you to suppress your cravings for high calorie foods and thus prevents weight loss. Less sleep leads to more hunger and unhealthy eating habits too. Deficient sleep is one of the major contributors of obesity.

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6) Reduces Stress

Sleep is known to keep the stress level down. Scanty sleep leads to stress which ultimately leads to high blood pressure and also initiation of stress hormones. High blood pressure makes you vulnerable to some deadly diseases while stress hormones make it difficult for you to get a sound sleep. Relaxation techniques should be relied upon to counter the stress problems.

7) Fights Depression

Fights Depression

It is one of the major benefits of good sleep is to lower depression. The quality of the sleep and sleeping disorders determine the depression you might undergo through. Improper sleeping routines can lead to depression and sleeping disorders like insomnia, apnea etc contribute to it immensely. A sound sleep is often associated with the secretion of pleasure causing hormone called serotonin that helps to fight depression.

8) Helps Repair Wear and Tear of your Body

While you’re sleeping your body is working hard to mend itself. Your body is constantly exposed to certain harmful situations like uv rays, stress etc. Sleep is the time when your body releases more protein than ever before. This protein helps for the refit the damage that has occurred to your cells. Proteins are the infrastructure of the cells that help your body to overhaul the exposure to toxins occurred during the day. A good sleep also strengthens your immune system.

9) Battling Cancer

Scanty sleep can make you vulnerable to some deadly cancers like the breast cancer and the colon cancer. Improper sleep can lead to imbalance of hormones that can ultimately lead to cancer advancement. Apposite sleep leads to the creation of cancer fighting hormones. A good sleep is also capable of pacing up the recovery from cancer.

10) Fading pain away

A good sleep is the secret ingredient to the recipe of pain management. The mechanism of how sleep works to reduce pain is still not crystal clear but one thing is sure that sleep can actually help you to reduce your pain. So be it chronic pain or be it pain from any recent slash, get enough sleep and see this natural remedy uncovering its magic.

These were some amazing benefits of a good sleep. A good sleep is essential for a healthy body and a healthy life. A sound sleep is the key to a happy, long and successful life.

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