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7-Risk Free Ways to get rid of Back Pain

Back pain. We all know how much we hate suffering from this inconvenience. The pain can sometimes get intolerable. Sometimes to the point that performing any physical activity becomes impossible.

If you are suffering from this problem then remember that you’re not the only one. Around four-fifths of the population experiences this at some points in their lives. But often we see folks taking extreme measures like drugs or surgeries to get rid of back pain.

7-Risk Free Ways to get rid of Back Pain

The Lancet, a reputed medical journal, warned against these unnecessary treatments in a series of three papers. All these papers were written by experts on the topic.

So, before you consider going under the knife or taking a painkiller, give these home remedies a try. These are far less risky options which safely address that stubborn back pain.

1. Apply Heat Alternately with Ice to the Affected Area

This is one of the easiest tricks out there to quickly get relief from the ache. There are no fixed methods of applying heat or cold. Some people respond better to heat than they would to an ice pack.

You can alternate between the two. Just be careful not to hurt the skin by direct application. The ice pack or heat pad should be applied on something protecting the skin.

Heat helps the blood flow to become normal. The sore area thus becomes stabilized and heals quickly. The cold from the ice, on the other hand, relaxes the affected location. It also helps to numb the pain.

2. Use Herbal Treatment

There are tons of herbal treatments that effectively address a backache that you might have. We will talk about a few safe and easy ways.

First comes turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin. Curcumin is packed with pain relief qualities. So, you can either use turmeric as a paste to rub on the back. Or you can add it as a spice to your daily diet.

Then comes willow bark. Willow bark has been used over the ages to address any kind of body pain. This herb also consists of various substances that ease the pain.

Ayurvedic oil is another herbal option you can consider. Ayurvedic oil is produced totally from natural ingredients like milk and herbs. You can use this oil to soothe your muscles. Who wouldn’t love a body massage applied with some ayurvedic oil?

Ayurveda never fails to amaze us when it comes to back pain relief. Here is another ayurvedic solution to the problem. This time the weapons to fight off the ache are ginger paste and eucalyptus oil.

These herbs have powerful capabilities to ease muscular pain. Just rub the ginger paste on the back. Keep it for around fifteen minutes. After washing your back, rub some of the oil on it.

3. Do Stretches, Exercises or Yoga

A good morning stretch is a great habit to start your day with. Stretching warms up the muscles and relaxes the joints. It also keeps them healthy and active.

There are many ways to stretch your body parts- hamstring stretches, back extension, knee roll, etc. You can consult a physiotherapist for more advice on stretches. You should stretch 5-10 minutes daily to keep your spine and hip healthy.

Regular exercise is also vital to address back pain. Exercising regularly will ensure you have your weight under control. Exercises that strengthen the abdominals also allow more support to the back. All these help in controlling backache.

Yoga is yet another way to alleviate any sort of pain. It involves deep breathing techniques and other body stances. These help in improving the posture of the body. Yoga also relaxes the body. A key component of yoga is meditation which is very effective in developing overall wellbeing.

4. Try Alternative Therapies

You can also give a shot at the alternative therapies available.

Chiropractic treatment is a popular form of alternative therapy. By manipulating the joints, this therapy aims to correct any imbalance a patient might have.

But make sure that you are consulting an expert when you’re receiving this treatment.

Massage therapy is also recommended by experts to fix any muscle-related issue causing pain in the back. Massage comes in different forms- deep tissue, Swedish, Ayurvedic, etc.

To meet an experienced massage therapist with diverse skills. He will be able to guide you in choosing the right massage style for your back.

5. Develop the Correct Posture

Posture plays a very important role in providing the proper support to the spine. An improper posture not only creates imbalance but also creates unnecessary pressure on your vertebrae.

An even distribution of body weight on two feet and a straight neck- two important criteria of a correct posture. Also, make sure to relax your shoulders. Your gut should not protrude out.

6. Use Pain Management Techniques

There are professionals who can help you with mentally managing your pain. They can try distraction techniques or use relaxation methods. You can also attempt hypnosis with the help of professional psychotherapists.

All these techniques will train your brain to ignore the effects of pain. But don’t forget to consult a doctor if the reason behind your pain is something serious.

7. Why Not Take a Look at Inversion tables?

Inversion tables are devices that can potentially solve your back problems. These devices are designed to stretch the spine. The lumbar area is mostly targeted. As a result, there is reduced pressure on the spine.

Final Thoughts: Back Pain Can be Extremely Bothersome

It is important however to try the safer treatment options first. Severe back pain can signal that something is wrong. Consult a doctor in that case.

But most mild back pains will go away if you follow the tips listed above. Prescription drugs or surgeries should be considered only as per the doctor’s instructions. 

This is a guest post by Stephany. Stepheny is a content writer at Feedfond. She loves researching and writing about her two biggest loves: pets and fitness. So, check out more of her articles at Feedfond.com.

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