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What are the Health Effects of Noise Pollution on Humans?

It has been said that out of all the forms of pollution that exist, noise pollution is the most surreptitious. The health effects of noise pollution are basically the harmful health effects that trigger in because of being exposed to preeminent sound levels. How can one find peace in one’s thought when peace is all lost from the environment? Noise pollution not only takes away your spiritual armistice but renders harmful effects on your physical, mental and social being.

What are the Health Effects of Noise Pollution

10 Health Effects of Noise Pollution

Here are some awful health effects of noise pollution:

1) Hearing Impairment

It is the most speedy health effect of noise pollution. Continuous acquaintance to high level of sounds damages the ear drums, making the ear drums burst and fragile and thus it can cause momentary and reversible hearing damage or even permanent and irreversible hearing impairment. Slowly and steadily noise pollution induces deafness.

2) Sleeping Problems or Insomnia

Noise hinders sound sleep. Eminent levels of sound won’t let you sleep and also alter and affect your sleeping patterns. Due to dearth of a good and sound sleep you may feel inactive and lethargic all the time. Irritation and lack of enthusiasm becomes familiar concepts.

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3) Physiological Fatalities

Physiological Fatalities

Noise pollution also harms certain physiological functions of the body. It raises the heart rate, increases blood pressure, enhances perspiration and breathing rates, causes a tendency to vomit, dizziness and fatigue. Prolonged exposure to noise makes one feel mental and physical tired and exhausted all the time. Noise pollution leads to the disproportionate discharge of adrenaline into the blood which ultimately increases the blood pressure beyond stipulated levels. Noise pollution also contributes to peptic ulcer, hepatic diseases, gastro-intestinal activities and emotive trauma.

4) Problems in Communication

Noise pollution badly affects the tempo of the speech. People who are more exposed to noise pollution generally develop a harsh, loud, unpleasant tone. Noise pollution makes it totally difficult for one to speak. Also, noise pollution doesn’t let one listen properly. As a result, communication gets hampered and misunderstandings creep in.

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5) Annoyance

Noise pollution is one of the major contributors to annoyance. Noise pollution deprives one of his or her peace and comfort. Noise pollution puts nervous people into a situation of even more intensified discomposure and discomfort. It also makes the person vexed and irritated.

6) Cardio Vascular Problems

Noise pollution leads to a string of cardio vascular problems. High levels of noises especially at night lead to immensely high blood pressure. Also areas prone to high levels of noise pollution witness high probabilities of coronary heart diseases, heart strokes and cardio vascular diseases.

7) Bad Effects on Blood Circulation

It affects human health well-being harmony and tranquillity. Noise pollution leads to the contraction of blood vessels hampering the normal flow of blood rendering a pale and fatigued look to the skin.

8) Causes Fear

Causes Fear

Noise pollution leads to hassle, unease and feeling of fear. All these changes bring about an alteration in the brain and hormone chemistry which in turn leads to enhanced heart rate, shrinkage of blood vessels, and tightening of digestive sperms and expansion of pupil in the eye.

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9) Affects Brain

Noise pollution caused due to sonic booms might lead to a disconcerting effect which ultimately has a bad impact on the brains. Such noises are more harmful than constant noises and might even lead to damage to physical properties like glasses, windows etc.

10) Headache and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are the most common harmful effects of noise pollution. Headaches interfere in the normal day to day chores rendering one unable to concentrate. People suffering from noise pollution-induced migraines might also experience sensitivity to light and nausea.

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These were some deadly bad effects that noise pollution is rendering on us. We should be aware of it and take necessary precautionary steps.

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