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How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations ?

Your mind has thoughts and those thoughts attract powers which ultimately trigger all that happens with you. Therefore it is very essential to let positive thoughts stay in your mind. Try to look for positive every time even when at times things go wrong and you have to look a little harder. Positivity is merriment magnet.

How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

Top 10 Ways to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

Here are some ways to train your mind to be positive even in the most negative situations.

1) Acceptance is the first Stair

Whenever there is a problem or a mistake, don’t try to neglect it or trivialize it. Rather accept it with a brave heart. Once you accept it, half of the problem gets solved. Once you have realised what the problem is, try finding out potential solutions for the same and then select the best out of them.

2) Have Positive people around

Have Positive people around

Companions are one of the major contributors to your happiness and well-being. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people who’d help you to find positivity even in the worst situations. Make sure that you’ve maintained distance from negative people that will always bring you down and pour discouragement in your lives. You should always have bunch of positive people around you that can feed positive perspective in your minds.

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3) Yoga to your Rescue

Yoga renders a rejuvenating effect on your mind, body and soul. While doing meditation, you try to concentrate and for once, deviating your mind from all the worldly measures and focus only on yourself. That is time when you introspect. You identify problems and then come up with solutions. While meditating, your mind, body and soul synchronises and works in a relaxing rhythm.

4) Appreciate what you’re Beholden for

List out the things that you feel indebted for. Realise their importance and appreciate them. When you see that there are some important things for you, then you do feel positive about your being. This is what is the true essence of finding something good even in the worst situations.

5) Twinkle with Smile

Twinkle with Smile

Smile as much as you can. Smile looking at people around you, smile looking at people you meet, smile looking at yourself in the mirror. This lovely arc has something special about it. It spreads happiness like a wildfire. It is one of the most powerful stress relievers.

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6) Enhancing Exposure to Positivity

Nothing works better than strong positive literature and motivational videos. You can find millions of those on YouTube and you can find millions of such novels, stories and quotes on Google. The one underlying thing that you’d find in all of them is that you have to stick to positivity to seek positivity. Indulge into such activities, get inspired, and implement the preaching. This is one of the most wonderful ways to stay positive even in negative situations.

7) Up skill your mind

Tutor your mind to look for positivity everywhere. Seek for a positive element even when it is hard to find, even when you have to convince yourself that you may not have it now but you’d find one. Train your mind to see trivial things as trivial only and not exaggerate them. Edify your heart to believe that no matter what, the positive elements might be hidden but they are not non-existential. Changing your perspective is one of the major needs to stay positive in negative situations.

8) Only Calm responses should Count

Only Calm responses should Count

In an adverse situation, try to get calm first and then respond. Responses made under pressure often worsen the situation beyond repair. First analyse peacefully and then act smartly. Anger filled or haphazard responses will only accentuate the negativity.

9) Make this world a Better Place

No matter what you’re going through right now, but if at any point there is any way to help others, do that. Lend a hand whenever you can and you’d definitely feel good about yourself. By helping others you’d make them happy and their acknowledgement of your kindness will instil a positive feeling about yourself in your mind that is satisfying and un-destroyable. It is like spreading happiness and then that happiness tracing its way back to you.

10) Indulge into Music

Music has something soothing about itself. Be it listening or singing, whatever relieves you, do it. The musical notes not only relax you but creates a rejuvenating and positive atmosphere around you. Whenever you feel stuck, take some time out and sing or hum to the rhythm.

These were some ways to stay positive in negative situations. Wake up every day with the thought that “Today is my day”. Be positive, believe and make it happen!

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