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How to Relieve Constipation in Babies ?

Your babies cannot speak up and explain their problems. All they can do is cry. You’d surely not like them see crying so it’s better to figure out the problem and the cure. Constipation is one of the things that causes disheartening discomfort to babies. This article deals with the question: how to relieve constipation in infants.

What is Constipation ?

Constipation is a medical condition where in there are irregular bowel movements and going to the loo becomes a very painful task. The stools are generally large but sometimes they might be loose. You should keep a track of the bowel movements of your baby and try to understand that they are related to the type of food your baby fed upon.

How to Relieve Constipation in Infants ?

Following are some ways that would go a long way in helping you to relieve constipation in babies fast.

1) Ensure adequacy of water

Ensure adequacy of water

Be it treating constipation in breastfed babies or the quest to relieve constipation in children who are not breastfed, proper water intake should be ensured to allow proper flushing of bowel movements.

2) Make use of solid food items

Make use of solid food items

If you’ve recently started feeding your toddlers with solid food and wondering how to relieve constipation in toddlers then let me tell you that some sorts of food items works very effectively to cure the problem of constipation. Fiber rich foods like whole-grains, peaches, pears, apple without skin etc make the stool bulky and aids to clear and relieve constipation in babies naturally.

3) Breast Milk

Breast Milk

Breast Milk relieves constipation in babies naturally. It is the most effective and natural laxative that not only loosens stool but also enhances bowel movements. Medical help should be sought if breast fed children took more than a week to take their dump out.

4) Make your baby paddle a bicycle

Make your baby paddle a bicycle

This is one of the most common ways to relieve constipation in a baby. Make your baby lie down on his back and make his legs move as if he was paddling a bicycle. These circular motion releases some pressure in the abdominal area and helps to get good bowel movements. This can relieve constipation in babies fast and can also help to relieve constipation in premature babies.

5) Mummy need to massage the tummy

Mummy need to massage the tummy

To relieve constipation in newborns make them lie down, put your hand around their belly button and give massage in circular motions. If your baby screams or cries then it is probably because you’re exerting more pressure than what your baby can endure. If done properly this can very well relieve constipation in babies naturally. This is also one of the popular ways of treating constipation in breastfed babies.

6) Experiment with formula

Experiment with formula

If you’re baby is fed with formula then switching to other formula(s) is one of the most common ways to relieve constipation in a baby. Different beings react differently to various constituents. Sometimes just with a minor change you could achieve bigger changes and easily relieve constipation in children.

7) Time for a warm relaxing bath

Time for a warm relaxing bath

A warm bath is the perfect answer to your question of how to relieve constipation in toddlers. Warm water lazes their muscles and help in smooth bowel movements. Tummy massage while drying your baby after a warm bath would be icing over the cake. Combination of these two can effectively relieve constipation in newborns.

8) Glycerin Suppositories

Glycerin Suppositories

Giving glycerin suppositories is the most banked upon method when it comes to relieve constipation in premature babies. Giving this to your preemie would brace his rectal muscles and help in an easy bowel movement. Temptation of frequent use of this method should be resisted.

With this the article gets concluded. These were some easy and handy techniques of relieving your little piece of hearts from the nightmares of constipation. Observe what your baby likes and responds to. All that you then need to do is to do it right.

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