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How to Prevent Cold and Flu Naturally ?

Battling the cold and flu seems easy but everyone in their hearts know that it is one of the most toughest task to do. Cold and flu might be the simplest and most common disease but they can cause havoc to one’s life. No matter they last for hardly 3-4 days but the inconvenience they cause is a lot to deal with. Also generic cold and flu medicines are often said to have some dangerous side effects and thus become the center of many medicine controversies. What if I say that you can cure your cold and flu without those unwanted medicines that too with easy natural remedies. You won’t believe, right? Well take a look at this article and get familiar with trouble-free and facile ways to prevent cold and flu naturally.

How to Prevent Cold and Flu Naturally

Top 10 Ways to prevent Cold and Flu Naturally

1) Stay Warm and Repose

When cold and flu attacks you, your body is striving hard to fight back against it. The best way to fight cold and flu naturally is to keep your body warm and make it rest adequately. This way you aid your immune system to regain its strength and fight back appropriately.

2) Bank upon Omega-3

Omega3 foods

You can always turn to omega 3 to benefit from the potency of the fatty acids to strengthen your immune system. This can tremendously reduce the vulnerability to cold and flu and thus give you protection against cold and flu naturally. For those who love to eat fishes, they need not rely upon extra supplements, for them fishes provide what all they need to block cold and flu naturally.

3) Enhancing Intestines

The maximum proportion of your immune system resides in your intestine. You need to see that your gut is in fine fettle to ensure your body’s well being and health. Nourish your gut with probiotics so that your body’s ability to battle with infections remains intact. 

4) Avoid Infected places

Prevention is not just better but a lot more smarter than cure. It is better to avoid places like hospitals, clinics etc as they are the foremost breeding grounds of virus and bacteria. It is advisable to avoid such places until and unless really necessary as being at such places increases the probability of catching cold and flu.

5) Washing hands thoroughly

Washing hands thoroughly

It is essential to wash hands thoroughly. Our hands touch a lot of things during the day and it is quite possible that they come into contact with myriads of cold and flu causing viruses. So it is very vital to wash hands nicely at least for 20-30 seconds to ensure that your hands are free of disease causing viruses. Make sure that you don’t touch your eyes, nose or other sensitive areas before you clean your hands. Don’t forget to carry your hand sanitizers at public places.

6) Toughen your Immune Naturally

Take natural commodities that can brace your immune system up. Things like oregano oil, garlic etc are known to trigger immense intensification of immune strength that can prepare your body to prevent cold and flu naturally. These natural immune boosters are much better than the artificial antibiotics as they don’t lead to the formation of super germs and development of resistance.

7) Manage Stress

Stress has a deteriorating effect on your immune system making you vulnerable to cold and flu and other infections. Turn to meditation and yoga as it not only soothes and calms your mind, body and soul but also diminishes the effect of immune degrading effects of stress. Also make sure that you get 7-8 hours of sound sleep.

8) Monitor your Vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is no less than a magic potion when it comes to strengthening your immune system. Come into contact with natural enriched sources of Vitamin D like fishes, sunlight, meat, yolk etc and protect yourself from catching cold and flu.

9) Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

A body that exercises is a body that lives well. Exercising not only rejuvenates you but also helps your body to de-stress itself. It also improves the blood circulation allowing antibodies to travel really fast within your blood. Ultimately your immune system gets stronger and you stay protected from cold and flu naturally.

10) Ginger Juice

Ginger is a very effectual antimicrobial. It not only ensures the removal of blockage of blood vessels but also makes the immune system stronger than ever before. It is also a wonderful remedy when it comes to fighting cough and congestion.

So these were some ways to fight off cold and flu naturally. Rely on precautions so that you don’t have to depend upon cures. Better be safe than be sorry.

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