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How to Overcome Stage Fear/Fright when Speaking in Public?

When you know that so many eyes are looking at you, it is normal to get over conscious. You know everyone has a self-imagined world where they see themselves as confident and bold but when this confidence is to be shown in front of myriads of people, we get nervous and tend to ruin things.

How to Overcome Stage Fear

10 Ways to Overcome Stage Fear

Here are some ways to overcome stage fright anxiety and stress:

1) Adopt an Upright Posture

Before you’re moving to the stage make sure everything is okay and you’re free to maintain an upright posture on the stage. An upright posture not only makes you look gracious but fills you with confidence and helps you to overcome nervousness and stage fear. Everything is in your mind. To look confident you need to feel confident. Holding an upright posture is essential to feel and look confident and to overcome stage fright anxiety and stress.

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2) Smile

A smile makes you look elegant and makes your speech engaging. A smile sends positive vibes and also helps you to overcome stage fear in public speaking. Engage with your audience, greet them, involve them and smile at them to make them feel you are connecting with them. Smile is the loveliest and the best way to overcome stage fear.

3) Practice to Perform like a Pro

The old-age adage that practice makes a man perfect never gets old. Be it the quest to overcome stage fright while playing the guitar or overcome stage fright during presentation, practice never fails to help you perform like a pro. Practising makes you feel that you know it and make you believe that you can do it.

4) Don’t let others know about your Mistake

We, humans, are a storehouse of mistakes. It is totally normal to make one while performing live. Only you know your content your audience doesn’t. So only you will know when you committed a mistake, they won’t. Turning your mistakes into the content that makes the audience applaud is an essential art to overcome stage fright while acting and also to overcome stage fright while playing the guitar and in many other instances too.

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5) Let your Heart assist you

Be it the quest to overcome stage fear in public speaking or to overcome stage fright during the presentation you should understand that more than 50% of your content will come straight from your heart and that too spontaneously. Cramming things won’t help. Rather try getting familiar with the main points and then while you’re on the stage, just speak about those points spontaneously. This makes your performance natural. Also when you mug up things you tend to forget that in turn makes you nervous. So being natural avoids that problem as well.

6) Keep Negative thoughts at Bay

Don’t let pessimism bring your confidence down. Have positive thoughts and a positive outlook at the outcome of your performance. Try to envision yourself as if you conquered the hearts of the listeners. Staying positive is the most essential and the best way to overcome stage fear. 

7) Be Patient

Be calm, composed and relaxed. Don’t try to be too fast when you’re performing on the stage. People understand things that are clearly delivered. Being fast makes you look nervous or too anxious. Being patient is one of the best measures to overcome stage fright while acting as well. Make sure the audience gets what you’re trying to give.

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8) Try Chunking

Try to chunk the whole of your content into groups of a few sentences followed by a little pause. This technique helps you to get rid of those distracting fillers like “umm” “ah” etc. Chunking is an amazing technique to keep your listeners engaged.

9) Breathe and Stretch

Try out breathing and stretching exercises before performing or you can even give a shot for mediation too. All these activities calm down your brain and make you composed and relaxed. Being calm and cool is an essential thing to make your live performance a success defeating your stage fright.

10) Practice while looking in the Mirror

Practice while you’re standing in front of the mirror. Look at your gestures, see where you’re going wrong and try to correct them. Looking in the mirror while practising gives you a lot of confidence and helps you to overcome nervousness and stage fear.

So these were some tried and tested ways to overcome your stage fright. Next time if you have a presentation or a guitar performance or a skit, just keep in mind these things and leave the best impression on your audience.

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