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How to Overcome Anxiety naturally?

Living with anxiety is so difficult. It is like living with a voice that follows you, knows all your insecurities, uses it against you and rules you. It is no less than a hindrance in the way of your happiness. Problems exist in everyone’s life. Some problems are trivial and some are colossal. The difference lies in how one deals with them. At times one faces anxiety in this process.

How to Overcome Anxiety naturally

Top 10 Ways to Overcome Anxiety naturally

Here are some amazing ways to overcome anxiety and depression.

1) Indulge in Yoga

Yoga is a miraculous healer and helps to overcome anxiety naturally. Communicating to oneself is the best way to find divine solutions to one’s problems. Yoga helps you to meditate, connect to your inner self and find solutions to your problems. Even a thirty-minute yoga session can render soothing effects that no other thing can. Yoga is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety. 

2) A Cup of Chamomile Tea

A cup of chamomile tea is a very lovely way to overcome anxiety and stress.  It contains two components called apigenin and luteolin that can trigger relaxing vibes in the body. So next time you encounter that disturbing anxiety, just take a cup filled with chamomile tea and get ready to overcome anxiety and depression naturally. You can even use this tea remedy when you take breaks during your work hours to overcome anxiety at work.

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3) Sleep Adequately

Sleep is the best way to overcome anxiety and fear. Don’t compromise on your sleep. Don’t go to your bed with stress or any bad feelings. Make sure everything is sorted before you get into your cosy beds. A worried mind won’t let you sleep. You will only toss and turn in your bed. Sleep deprivation causes anxiety and which in turn won’t let you sleep. This is a vicious circle. Sleep is the armour that you need to fight against anxiety. So make sure that you get enough sleep to overcome anxiety attacks without medication.

4) Laugh as much as you Can

A smile makes you look pretty and laughter makes you sound amicable. Laughter is the best way to overcome anxiety attack. When you laugh, a brain chemical called dopamine gets released that makes you feel delighted. Try out laughter exercises or watch shows or videos that will make you laugh. Take small breaks but make sure you laugh a lot in those small breaks so that you can overcome anxiety at work.

5) Fragrance Therapy

Lovely fragrances have something wonderful about them that make them soothing. It is believed that fragrances can dominate the part of the brain that thinks wrong and can avoid it from doing that and thus it helps you to overcome anxiety and depression. Wear a lovely perfume or rub lavender or rose essential oil over your collar bone. This sweet smell can help you to overcome anxiety attacks without medication. 

6) Talk to Someone

Keeping things to yourself does no good to you. Talking is the best therapy when it comes to overcoming anxiety. Talk about your problems to someone you think cares for you. They might give you solutions that you were not able to look at or if that is not possible then at least that they can make you feel that you’re not in this alone, they are with you. Talking to someone about it can help you to overcome anxiety and stress.

7) Say No to Caffeine

Caffeine makes it difficult for you to overcome anxiety attack. If you want to overcome anxiety naturally then avoid caffeine. Don’t rely upon coffee (which is not decaf), chocolate, soda, cola etc. Caffeine increases adrenaline in your body which is a major source of the problem. You can switch to drinks with low caffeine and high health benefits like green tea to overcome anxiety and fear. 

8) Overcome fear to Taste the Victory

No stone is big enough to make you tremble, fall and damage you beyond repair. Overcome your fear. As long as you will keep surrendering to your fears, you will invite anxiety. Overcome your fear and see what victory and euphoria taste like.

9) Seek your own Advice

Talk to yourself. Introspection is essential to find problems and solutions. Nobody knows you better than you and at times you can be the best guide for yourself.  If you have your positive affirmation, anxiety can never pose a problem for you.

10) Exercise

Try indulging in exercises. Be it intensive workouts or mild walks, do whatever you require and whatever you enjoy. Exercising releases hormones that trigger relaxation. Exercising can go a long way in helping you to overcome anxiety and depression naturally. 

So these were some ways by which you can control your anxiety naturally. They are easy and effective too. All you need to do is be determined and put in efforts.

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