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How to Lose Weight by Yoga in 1 Month ?

Yoga is not just an activity or a hobby to adopt. It is an expedition made for you, through you and ultimately to you. Yoga is not just about collating your fingers and toes together but what you’re learning on your way down. Yoga is the ultimate nirvana for all your problems. Losing weight is seen to be the most trending and difficult problems of all time. It is often said that all the problems are just mere illusions of mind and yoga helps to curb them all. Moreover weight loss in itself is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. So what could serve as a medicine for weight loss better than yoga?

How to Lose Weight by Yoga in 1 Month

Can you really Lose Weight by Yoga?

Unwanted gain of weight is a situation that is a resultant of coalition of various factors like stress, inadequate sleep, slow metabolism, increased intake of medicines, lack of proper physical workout or exorbitant food intake. Weight gain is not just a physical problem but a mental problem as well. Yoga targets these causes and hence you can actually effectively lose weight by yoga.

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Exercises and Asanas to Lose Weight by Yoga

You can easily and effortlessly lose weight by yoga exercises. Here are some asanas and exercises that would help you to lose weight with yoga at home.

1) Jalandhara Bandha

This is a very effective asana for thyroid patients. In this you simply have to place your chin at your chest in betwixt your collarbones. Heart and high blood pressure patients are advised not to go for this asana.

2) Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose or popularly known as Ardha Pinch Mayurasana is a must to have on your list if you’re vying to lose weight by yoga exercises. In this asana you need to balance the whole of your upper body on your arms and try to stay buoyed up. This asana tones your arms, triceps and biceps as well. People having neck or shoulder injuries should avoid doing this.

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3) Surya Namaskar

This asana is meant to pay homage to sun. But it is also a super effective way to lose weight. It incorporates twelve different exercises that focus on different parts of your body. This is not only an effective way for the deliverance of weight but also works well to combat anxiety and stress. Doing it every morning revitalizes your mind, body and soul.

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4) Ardha Matsayendra Asana

In this asana you need to move your neck, shoulder and spine in chorus. It works well on your abdominal muscles, sides and upper body as well. It should be made a point to not to do it if you’re on your periods or you’re suffering from insomnia or headache.

5) Anantasana

This asana is popularly known as vishnu’s couch pose and one of the most effective asana to lose weight fast by yoga. You can not ignore this if you want to lose weight with yoga at home. This pose not only tones but also strengthens your abdominal muscles. While stretching your side body is targeted. Don’t continue doing this without medical supervision if you feel any problem in your neck and hips.

6) Parvattonasana

In this asana you need to sit down and stretch your legs. Place your hands just behind your hips. Keep your feet pointed and then raise your upper body and also try pulling your head backwards. This is a stellar weight losing remedy as it works on all important areas like your arms, spine, and wrists. It not only braces your muscular structure but also helps to improve respiratory system as well.

7) Naukasana

In this you need to lie down on your back and then take the a V shape mirroring that of a boat. Just hold yourself in this position for about 10 seconds and increase the duration repeatedly after certain time. It is an effective destroyer of tenacious belly fat.

All these asanas and exercises are some sorted must-do(s) if you really want to lose weight fast by yoga.

Things to keep in mind while aiming to Lose Weight by doing Yoga

Following are the points/things to be kept in mind/ or that can be done along while you’re working to lose weight by doing yoga:

1) Tension and worries are the biggest enemy of your stomach and gets immediately reflected in the form of constipation or indigestion

2) Overeating should be steered clear of. Instead small five-six meals should be taken all day long.

3) Yoga exercises should be done regularly.

4) Activities like jogging, running or swimming can complement your yoga exercises. All this will result into improved circulation and pace of metabolic processes.

For losing weight only yoga exercises are not be focused upon. Adequate attention should be given to the diet. Losing weight the right way would mean to lose weight with yoga and diet both. You need to keep the following things in mind:

1) Don’t rely upon crash diets because then you will start gaining weight when you will get back to your normal dietary routine

2) Reduce the intake of sugar and saturated fats and include more of fibre in your diet

3) Keep yourself hydrated

4) Don’t skip your breakfast

5) Rule over your cravings and never indulge into emotional eating

Abiding by these points will help you to lose weight with yoga and diet effectively and efficiently.

Here I’d conclude this article containing all the important perspectives that should be looked at while trying to lose weight by yoga. Always remember that your health is not solely about the weight you lose but about the life you gain. So take a healthy decision and get started with it and see yourself transform into a fitter you not just physically but mentally as well.

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