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How to cure Sleep Apnea naturally ?

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder where in breathing of a person gets interrupted when he/she has fallen asleep. He/she might stop breathing at regular intervals for a lot of items. That also disrupts proper flow of oxygen to brain and other vital body parts. It is necessary to overcome apnea before it does that with you.

How to cure Sleep Apnea naturally

Top 10 Ways to cure Sleep Apnea naturally

Here are some ways to cure sleep apnea naturally.

1) Ensuring proper Magnesium intake

Magnesium ensures proper functioning of your muscle. Apnea is generally caused due to problems in the upper muscles of your throat. Adequate magnesium ensures proper regulation of the throat muscles and thus helps in the avoidance of apnea too.

2) Positional therapy

Positional therapy

Sleeping on the sides can avoid problems associated with apnea. This works because when you are lying on your back you are straining your throat muscles and making your tongue to go to your throat. Also using more and more pillows disrupts the proper posture of the neck and aggravates apnea problems.

3) Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is an excellent reliever. It is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that also help to eliminate the problem of blocked airways. It soothes muscles and also encourages healthy and sound sleep. Chamomile tea can be drunk normally or it can also be used to give a nice massage to the neck.

4) Singing therapy

This therapy is a wonderful therapy that intensifies the strength of your airways and helps them to protect themselves from collapsing while you are asleep which the root cause of apnea is. It should be practiced consistently for achieving better desired results. It is not only economical but it is also entertaining and entails no harms.

5) Honey


Honey teems with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling of the throat that blocks airways and causes apnea. Apnea leads to obesity which further worsens the apnea problems. This seems to be a vicious cycle. Honey cures obesity too and thus also renders indirect benefits on apnea.

6) Bananas

Bananas are enriched with phospholipid which aids the throat to stay open. Otherwise during sleep it gets closed and that deteriorates the apnea problem. Banana smoothie is a tasty and effective natural way to cure apnea. Taking one banana or banana smoothie before going to sleep can cure apnea problem magically.

7) Say no to Smoking

Smoking is a drastically dangerous for your body and it is a nightmare for people suffering with sleeping apnea. Smoking not only infuriates your airways but also congests them blocking the path for oxygen. It can cause and degrade sleeping apnea problems. If you’re a victim of sleeping apnea problems then staying away from smoking is the highly advisable for you.

8) Avoid Alcohol and Sleeping pills

Avoid Alcohol and Sleeping pills

Alcohol and sleeping pills might provide pleasure for a few moments but they render long term effects that are bad for you. They disrupt the normal functioning of your brain badly affecting its capacity to help you to acquire proper oxygen. This aggravates sleeping apnea problems. Also sleeping pills might seem a lovely solution for sleepless anxious nights but the truth is that it also harms the customary capability of your brain to function accurately which makes the sleeping apnea problems even worse.

9) Walnuts

Walnuts look like brain and they also benefit them a lot. Walnuts are over brimming with antioxidant properties that aids in the reduction of the symptoms of the sleeping apnea problems. Intake of walnuts approximately 60 minutes before going to the bed can wonderfully cure apnea problems naturally.

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10) Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk works wonder when it comes to curing sleeping apnea problem. Milk possesses an amino acid called tryptophan which enhances the quality of the sleep. Also turmeric has got anti-inflammatory properties that can render soothing effects on airways that can go a long way in reducing sleeping apnea problems naturally.

So these were some easy ways to cure the colossal sleeping apnea problems. Rely on them and see the magic unleashing itself.

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