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How to cure Fits Naturally ?

Fits occur because of some electrical disturbance caused in the brain. Anything that infuriates the mind can cause it. Generally people experience one fit or seizure and that is it. They never get to encounter it again. But a majority of people experience recurring trails of fits and that condition is generally referred as epilepsy. This article deals with some incredible and easy ways to cure fits naturally.

How to cure Fits Naturally

Top 10 Ways to cure Seizures Naturally

Let’s first have a look at the most beautiful way to cure fits i.e., passion flower.

1) Passion Flower

Passion flower is not just pretty to look at but it hides a very wonderful element inside that is GABA or gamma anti butyric acid that soothes anxiety and also reduces the frequency of fits. Herbal tea made from passion flower can be taken for immediate and effective results.  Or else there are certain medicines that contain the goodness of passion flower and can be taken according to doctor’s prescription.

2) Vitamin B6

Vitamin b6 is generally used to treat one specific kind of fits that generally forms when the baby is in the womb or after it steps on the earth. It is caused because of the lack of body’s capacity to process vitamin b6. Benefits of vitamin b6 in cases of other forms of fits are yet to be discovered.

3) Ash Gourd

Ash Gourd

Ash gourd or popularly known as winter melon is a magical vegetable that is highly recommended by the Ayurveda. It has prominent benefits that regulate the well being of the nervous system and also ensures proper functioning of the cells in the brain. To reap its benefits its juice should be taken early in the morning that too with empty stomach.

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4) Magnesium Sulphate

Magnesium sulphate or Epsom salt can work wonders when it comes to curing fits. It initiates some alterations in the physic-chemical composition of the brain which ultimately works well in reducing the incidence of fits or seizures. You can either take it with your juices or take a salt shower.

5) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is surely a blessing when it comes to fit. It has amazing fatty acids that render a soothing effect on the cells of the brain and they also provide energy to the brain cells which minimizes the occurrence and symptoms of fits. This oil can be used in cooking the food or dressing the salads.

6) Garlic


Benefits of garlic are endless. And it is a very useful commodity when it comes to treating fits. It teems with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that eliminates the problem causing free radicals extant in the body and also safeguards proper working of the entire nervous system.

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7) Exercising

Exercising not only makes one active but it also improves blood circulation and ensures uninterrupted oxygen supply to the brain. Walking, swimming, stretching exercises etc can be adopted for reducing the occurrence of fits or seizures.

8) Limes

Lime is surely a tasty titbit. But more than that it is a miraculous solution to fits. It not only enhances proper blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain but it also prevents the interference caused by calcium in the proper functioning of the system. Lime can be taken with a water and baking soda or it can also be used to give a refreshing massage to your head for effective results.

9) Yoga


Yoga soothes your mind, body and soul and also reduces anxiety and manifestation of fits and seizures. Yogasanas like the pigeon pose, head stand, wild things etc are really commendable when it comes to curing fits. Make sure that you maintain the right posture while practicing them or else you won’t be able to notice their benefits.

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10) Chamomile Tea

Nothing can relax you like chamomile tea. It relaxes the brain and also reduces the frequency of fits or seizures. Chamomile tea can be extracted directly from the chamomile flowers or tea bags can be used for this purpose. Regular intake should be ensured for desired results.

These were some calm and brilliant ways that can go a long way in aiding you to cure fits naturally. If you are looking for a medicine for treatment of fits, you can read all you want to know about Levipil 500.

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