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How to cure Chicken Pox at Home?

Chicken pox is a contagious infection that is triggered due to varicella zoster. It basically involves three activities. First is the appearance of pink bumps then those bumps get filled with liquid and finally they drain and form a layer. It doesn’t stay confined to itchy rashes and painful blisters but also encompasses things like fever, unwillingness to eat and body pain. Chicken pox generally affects everyone but children, expectant ladies and people with weak immunity are more vulnerable to chicken pox. Although vaccination can be sought to safeguard oneself from chicken pox but generally when chicken pox occurs, it runs its due course and gets fine without medication. Here are some ways to cure chicken pox naturally:

How to cure Chicken Pox at Home

Top 10 Home Remedies to cure Chicken Pox

1) Honey

Honey is a lovely way to cure chickenpox fast. Honey is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties due to which it is not only able to attack the chickenpox causing virus but also renders a soothing effect on bumps, itching, blisters, redness, pain and scars. Thus honey can also be used to cure chicken pox scars. To reap its benefits simply apply a thin fine layer of honey over the chickenpox affected areas. Let it stay for approx. 25-35 minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat this process for at least 3 times a day to get better results.

2) Coconut Water

Count coconut water as a blessing when it comes to cure chicken pox holes and cure chicken pox scars and also the irritation experienced during chicken pox. It is loaded with lauric acid and cytokines as well that promotes the generation and growth of new skin cells. It also has considerable content of magnesium and calcium which is very beneficial for the skin. To reap its benefits simply drink a lot of coconut water when you’re sick with chicken pox and also apply coconut water on affected area with the aid of cotton balls for soothing results. It can amazingly ease chicken pox.

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3) Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a superb commodity in treating chickenpox with essential oils. It has got a lot of anti-viral properties that is able to kill the chickenpox causing virus. To use it simply mix it with some other oil like coconut oil, olive oil or lavender oil etc then apply it using cotton on the affected area and then wipe clean. Repeat this process a lot of times. Also make sure that undiluted tea tree oil should not be applied directly on the skin. In fact olive oil is also a wonderful option when it comes to treating chickenpox in babies.

4) Oil Sprays

To cleanse the air and to aid sleeping, one can spray essential oils like lavender, raven Sara, eucalyptus radiate etc. All of these are very effective when it comes to treating chickenpox with essential oils.

5) Bicarbonate of Soda

Treating chickenpox with bicarbonate of soda might seem a little weird but it is a super helpful remedy when it comes to self-help for chickenpox.  All you need to do is to mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in your bath and make sure that the bath is lukewarm. Treating chickenpox with bicarbonate of soda can be really soothing for the patient.

6) Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is enriched with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. It not only fights the chickenpox causing virus but it also can cure itching in chickenpox and scarring. It is the best solution when it comes to treating chickenpox in babies.

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7) Ginger and Lemon

Ginger soothes itching can cure itching in chickenpox while lemon can cure chickenpox holes. Bring water to boil and mix minced ginger in it. Then take it down and mix one teaspoon of lemon. Honey can also be added for even better results. Drink this solution to achieve desired results.

8) Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are natural soothers that can easily ease chickenpox. Herbal teas are all the more effective as they are capable of strengthening the immune system to help one fight off or tackle chickenpox. Herbal teas also satiate itching, inflammation and pain. Chamomile, lemon balm, marigold, john’s wart etc herbs can be chosen for effective results.

9) Brown Vinegar

Brown vinegar works wonders when it comes to cure chickenpox naturally. It will ease the irritation and also prevent scratches and blemishes. To reap its benefits all you need to do is to add this ingredient in your bath. Make sure that the bathwater, in which you’re mixing it, is tepid or lukewarm.

10) Indian Lilac or Neem

Indian Lilac or Neem

Indian lilac or neem is loaded with a lot of antiviral properties. It has been effective in treating chickenpox for ages. It not only dries out blisters but also soothes itching. Paste of these leaves can be applied to the affected areas. Neem leaves can also be added to bathwater to cure chickenpox fast.

So these were some ways to cure chickenpox and its symptoms naturally. Chickenpox can be a painful affair but it can be fought against smartly.

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