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How to be Happy with Yourself ?

Happiness is the essence of life. Unhappiness is associated with lifelessness. For all those who think that something triggers happiness, they often run behind contingent and short lived happiness and make their lives miserable. Happiness always exists. Happiness is always there sometimes hidden and sometimes shining bright at the surface. It just needs to be uncovered.

Top 10 Ways to be Happy with Yourself

Top 10 Ways to be Happy with Yourself

Here this article deals with some ways that will enable you to be happy with yourself.

1) Check your Surroundings

Living in dark, dreary and dusky places with cold people contributes a major part in separating you from your happiness. Make your places glow with lights of love. Go out and get nurtured by the love innate in the sunlight and the moonlight. Be with people who are happy, cooperative and motivating. The moment you choose better surroundings, you win half of the battle of finding happiness.

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2) Indulge into a Relationship with Yourself

Indulge into a Relationship with Yourself

Many people don’t realise that before binding themselves into a relationship, they are already bound in a relationship with themselves. You share a connection with your body, mind and soul. Discover them, accept them, if you find any flaw in them try to overcome it and appreciate them. Loving yourself is the first step towards achieving happiness.

3) Don’t be Harsh on Yourself

Everyone has a past full of mistakes, some trivial some not. Repent and try to make things better. That is the only way to overcome them. These small imperfections make up a human. Accept them and if possible try to rise above them. Don’t just hold on things and keep on blaming yourself. That does no good. And remember we only hold on to let go. So don’t let your harshness come in the way of your happiness.

4) Introspect

Introspect is a small exercise yet it can do wonders that no other thing can. It can make you meet the reflection of yourself, the reflection that doesn’t exist in the mirrors but inside you. Introspect to find problems, solutions and reasons for your happiness.

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5) Be grateful for the Good Things that you have

Be grateful for the Good Things that you have

Very often in the race to acquire things, we tend to forget the ones we already have. Do keep a track of how far you’ve gone but also have pride in how far you’ve come. Appreciate what you’ve got. You might have struggled for them or you were just lucky enough to get them, whatever it might be but just don’t forget that they can never fail to make you happy.

6) Share Happiness

Don’t ever forget the principle of generosity. Just try helping someone unconditionally with a pure heart. The happiness they achieve afterwards is pure and contagious and the blessings their hearts pour out afterwards, has immense powers to make you happy and the best part is that, that kind of happiness has an eternal element within it.

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7) Laugh Often

Laughing is a good exercise not just for your body but for your soul too. Laugh and smile both have an innate positivity within them that spreads like wildfire. When you laugh you attract not just people but positivity, radiance and happiness too and when you surround yourself with such happiness, nothing bad can bother you for long.

8) Watch or Read

Watch or Read

Try watching movies or TV series or indulge into reading if you love that. These activities refresh you and for some moments they reward you with time filled with happiness and no tensions. They let you slip in a world that you always pictured or would like to picture for yourself. These provide you with lessons and happiness.

9) Move your Body

Healthy diet is only the strategy to win the battle of a healthy body. The other half is proper exercising. So go to a park or gym or maybe dance classes.  Love your body and do what all that can make it better each day. Also when exercises are undertaken, endorphin hormones are released that is the key to one’s happiness.

10) Undertake Challenges

Remember that all the battles are going to be uphill fights. Nobody said the road to your dreams is going to be easy. Accept it and indulge into a relentless pursuit. For when each time you step out of your comfort zone and achieve something, you have not only improved as a human but also awarded you with happiness that is not destroyable.

So these were some ways to be happy with you. Always remember that key to your happiness lies only in your hands.

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