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High Blood Pressure Range, Types, Symptoms, Causes & Diet

If you have a high blood pressure then you’ve got to breakup with it. It is better to be in touch with your blood pressure numbers and take necessary actions as and when required. Ignorance and obliviousness when come to play, high blood pressure start taking toll on lives. Here this article will bestow you with a brief insight into high blood pressure and various vital issues related to it like high blood pressure range, high blood pressure diet, high blood pressure chart, high blood pressure symptoms etc.

High Blood Pressure Range, Symptoms & Diet

What is High Blood Pressure ?

High blood pressure is a synonym for hypertension. Blood pressure is basically referred to the pressure exerted against the arteries when the blood goes through them. High blood pressure is a condition where in massive pressure is exerted against the wall of arteries. If left unattended then it might lead to some serious health issues and might even lead you to the verge of death. A person having a high blood pressure would have a pressure exceeding 120/80 mmhg.

High Blood Pressure Range

Here is a brief about high blood pressure chart and high blood pressure reading. Blood pressure is categorized into two kinds: Systolic and Diastolic. Systolic pressure is exerted when your heart is beating while diastolic pressure is exerted when your heart is in the rest mode.

Following are some high blood pressure reading with their interpretations:

1) Systolic pressure ranging from 120-139 and Diastolic pressure ranging from 80-89 : This stage is known as prehypertension and might lead to high pressure if proper care is not taken.

2) Systolic pressure ranging from 140-159 and Diastolic pressure ranging from 90-99 : This is the Hypertension I stage. At this stage your doctor would recommend incorporating some changes in your lifestyle and maybe some sorts of medications too.

High Blood Pressure Chart

3) Systolic pressure ranging 160+ and Diastolic pressure ranging 100+ : This is the hypertension 2 stage. This stage is an alarming stage indicating you to bring in some remarkable revolutions in your lifestyle and consider some medications too.

4) Systolic pressure ranging 180+ and Diastolic pressure ranging 110+ : This is hypertensive crisis. At this stage you’d be facing strenuous experiences like short breath, pain in chest etc. This is an highly alarming situation and you should immediately seek medical help without wasting a second.

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High Blood Pressure Causes

Some common causes of high blood pressure constitutes obesity, excessive salt in the food, smoking, inactive or sedentary style of living, age, apnea (a disorder where in breathing suddenly starts and stops while sleeping), family stress and excessive alcohol intake. In addition to these there is one thing that needs to be given attention and that is postpartum preeclampsia. It is a rare medical condition where in the mother has high blood pressure after delivery and immense protein in her urine. This situation of high blood pressure after delivery can be obtained anytime after 48 hours to 6 weeks after the birth of the child. This is a serious condition that should be given adequate attention without which it can lead to seizures and other serious complications.

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure is just like those clouds which don’t make noises before they rain. Don’t wait for symptoms to warn you because doing so would mean that you’re taking a chance with your pretty precious life. Though still some of the symptoms that people having a high blood pressure may encounter are: dizziness, blood spots located in the eye and facial flushing as well but it could happen that they are caused due to other reasons as well.

High Blood Pressure Medication and Treatment

Here are some ways that would definitely go a long way in helping you to tackle your high blood pressure:

1) Bank upon Cardio and Walk

Bank upon Cardio and Walk

Power walks and rejuvenating cardio exercises can lower your pressure by 8/6 mmhg. While exercising your heart uses oxygen in a more efficient way and hence less pressure is exerted against the wall of arteries as the heart doesn’t have to work hard.

2) Take a Music Break

Take a Music Break

Listening to soothing music while breathing slowly not only soothes your soul and relaxes your body but it can magically bring your pressure down. So whenever you get time in between your two consecutive chores, don’t forget to take a reviving music break.

3) High Blood Pressure Medication

High Blood Pressure Medication

Seek medical advices and professional help regarding the high blood pressure medication and supplements that would suit you the best and curb your problem.

4) High Blood Pressure Diet

High Blood Pressure Diet

Make wise decisions when choosing your diet. Low potassium food, dark chocolates, decaf coffee, hibiscus tea can go a long long way in helping you to lower your blood pressure.

5) High Blood Pressure diet foods to avoid

High Blood Pressure diet foods to avoid

Sugar, salt, coffee, packaged food, canned soup, alcohol, frozen pizza, pickles etc all these are the high blood pressure diet foods to avoid.

With this the article gets concluded. Stay aware and take wise decision and then you will never see hypertension as a big problem.

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