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Health Effects of Water Pollution on Humans

We won’t miss our water until the day our wells become unfit for consumption or dry with despair. And that is absolutely true. More than half of our body is water. One can easily imagine the crucial role of water in our lives and one can easily get chills when he/she imagines that what mess polluted water can cause to our lives. Polluted water kills more people than the war itself and this statement is strong enough to delineate the destruction that water pollution can bring in its wake.

Health Effects of Water Pollution on Humans

What Are the Health Effects of Water Pollution?

Here this article deals with some 10 health effects of water pollution and water pollutants.

1) Typhoid

Typhoid or the enteric fever is one of the most fatal diseases caused due to contaminated water. It generally spreads through polluted food, milk or water, improperly washed fruits and vegetables and mosquitoes. This includes fever that keeps on increasing each day accompanied with body pain and headache.

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2) Cholera


Cholera is generally caused due to intake of adulterated water. It causes severe desiccation and diarrhoea too. It can also be caused due to food or water that may get infected due to the excreta of a cholera patient. It leads to massive vomiting and around 35-40 bowel movements per day which soon get filled with mucous and becomes colourless.

3) Bacterial Diarrhoea

This is a fatal disease that is caused due to unhygienic or polluted food and water. Most of the times it is also caused due to personal contacts. It renders a pale, ill and fatigued look on the patient. Its symptoms include diarrhoea with blood and dysentery mucous and also great pain in the abdominal region.

4) Leptospirosis

This is a disease that is generally caused after strolling or swimming in polluted water that is adulterated with a rodent’s urine. Retching, nausea, fever, drained legs, leg ache, retrenchment in the blood vessels around the cornea of the eyes are some of the problems that one gets to face during this disease.

5) Infective Hepatitis

Infective Hepatitis

This disease is most commonly caused due to hepatitis virus that travels through water and also food items that get adulterated with excretory materials of the infected people. In this disease the urine gets darker while the eyes and skin also appear more yellow than before. Fever, less appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea is also some of the symptoms that are observed in this disease.

6) Amoebic Dysentery

This is one of the water-borne diseases that are generally caused due to the intake food and water affected with cysts. Some of the symptoms of this disease are: discomforting pain in the abdominal region, spewing, diarrhoea, dysentery, loose bowels, and blood mucus in the excretory material etc.

7) Guinea Worm

Guinea Worm

Guinea worm or dracunculiasis is water born disease and a parasitic infection that generally breaks in an area where safe clean and hygienic water is inaccessible. Unfiltered water is the prime cause of this disease. It includes formation of blisters near the ankles in the foot that causes pain and allergy as well.

8) Bilharzia

Bilharzia is a synonym for snail fever. It is caused because of a parasite. It is generally caused when the cercaria larvae enters into the skin of people who wade in water making them their host. It can immensely affect liver, bladder and other vital organs of the body.

9) Malaria

It is generally caused because of female anopheles that resides in water. This generally encompasses a cycle of shivering, chills and sweating. When the temperature goes up, it can go as high as 105 degree Fahrenheit’s and when it lowers down, the victim sweats abnormally.

10) Dengue

This is noxious water borne disease that is caused due to mosquitoes that breed in water. It involves high temperature, immense joint pain and decrease in the platelets count. Sometimes the situations become a lot more worse causing death.

These were some of the dangerous health effects of water effluence. You need to understand what that water can do to you before you pollute it.

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