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Health Effects of Pesticides on Humans

Pesticides are venomous materials that are actually used with the intent of killing living things like insects, rodents, weeds etc. It is only logical to see that pesticides do render harmful effects on forms of lives. Here are some health effects of pesticides:

Health Effects of Pesticides on Humans

Adverse Health Effects of Pesticides on Humans

Let’s start with some acute health effects of pesticides.

1) Acute health effects of Pesticides

Acute health effects of pesticides are the health effects that are unembellished and impulsive in onset. Normally acute health effects of pesticides constitute: skin problems, nausea, dizziness, vomit, eye problems, pain in the abdomen region and headaches too.

2) Chronic health effects of Pesticides

Chronic health effects of pesticides are the effects that exist for a very long span and generally not cured by medication or vaccination.

Some of the chronic health effects of pesticides are:

a) Weakened Fertility

Researches have been shown that pesticides harmfully weaken male fertility. Pesticides are seen to alter the composition of genetic material carried in the sperms, reduced fertility, improper functioning of the male hormones and decline in the number of sperms. Pesticides affect both male and female reproductive systems badly which leads to diminished fertility and thus impaired the process of reproduction.

b) Cancer

Brain Cancer

There are studies and researches that have proved pesticides to be a cause of some deadly cancers. It is one of the main elements in the reasons for some dangerous cancers like skin, breast, prostate, leukaemia, brain, liver, lungs, kidney and even pancreas cancer. Farm workers are affected the worst by cancer due to pesticides. If a mother who is pregnant with her baby comes in contact with pesticides then it increases the chances for the baby to catch leukaemia, brain tumour or cancer. Also children become prone to blood cancer if continuously exposed to pesticides.

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c) Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Pesticides are seen to execute some really drastic neurotoxic health effects. It has been one of the major contributors to neurological problems. It has been observed that pesticides have triggered a boost in the frequency and intensity of several neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disorder that badly affects the central nervous system which affects all the movements and also cause shaky tremor like movements in the body. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that largely occurs in the intermediate or old age and causes loss of the memory and disrupts vital mental tasks.

d) Diabetes

Researches have established a link between diabetes and pesticides. Pesticides also promote type 2 diabetes. Some pesticides lead to obesity which in turn leads to diabetes. Also some of the pesticides increased food ingestion and glucose levels in the body which also forms one of the causes for diabetes.

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e) Asthma


Pesticides are also observed to cause the deadly asthmatic problem. Pesticides can cause both atopic and non-atopic asthma. Asthma is categorized into the categories of atopic and non-atopic based on the symptoms involved. Pesticides have the potential to cause a lot of pestilential health effects related to asthma.

f) Birth defects

Pesticides have been seen to lead to some serious birth defects. It also led to myriads of deaths of the foetus itself and also some drastic modifications of the growing foetus. Also when mothers are exposed to pesticides while they are pregnant with their babies, leads to some deficits in evolution of the baby after birth and also causes low birth weight. Many a times babies died in the very first year itself because of harmful health effects of pesticides.

g) Developmental disorders

Developmental disorders

Children and grown-ups tend to exhibit a variety of learning, mental, physical, emotional and behavioral disorders on account of pesticides. Children are mostly affected by pesticides because their brains are more susceptible to the harmful effects of pesticides.

So these were some health effects of pesticides- both acute and chronic. It is better to stay as far as possible from them because they have the potential to take a heavy toll on lives.

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