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Health Effects of Air Pollution on Humans

Air pollution spares none, neither the healthy ones nor the athletic ones. Air pollution brings devastating mayhem in its wake. The thing that can choke you is definitely not a joke. Air pollution basically refers to the contamination of air by dangerous or lethal elements. Theoretical meaning is disheartening but practical implications are horrifying.

Health Effects of Air Pollution on Humans

What Are the Health Effects of Air Pollution?

Here are some health effects of air pollution and pollutants that one should consider.

1) Impairs Body Systems

Massive air pollution not only makes you vulnerable to cancer but also impairs your respiratory systems, immune systems and neurological systems. In extreme cases, circumstances of deaths have also been witnessed. It also enhances the probability of heart strokes and heart attacks.

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2) Asthma


Smog and toxic pollutants worsen the existing heart and lung diseases. It can also cause and worsen asthma. Asthma is a condition where in the airways of the patient becomes tapered and inflamed and gets filled with superfluous mucus making it difficult for him to breathe. Pollutants in the air irritate the airways causing asthma.

3) Bronchitis

Bronchitis refers to the situation in which the bronchial tubes get inflamed rendering the breathing process uneasy. Air pollutants repeatedly damage and irritate the lungs and the airway tissue making the victim prone to bronchitis.

4) Health Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide

It is a mephitic substance that can impair the functioning of lungs. It can make one prone to deadly diseases like bronchitis, sedema, fibrosis and oedema. It also makes one exposed to respiratory pathogens.

5) Health Effects of Carbon Monoxide

Health Effects of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a harmful pollutant that generally renders ill effects because of its high kinship for haemoglobin. It can cause some real mutilation to your lung tissues and also impair the proper working of your lungs. It can also contribute to stokes, head injuries and hypertension as well. It also reduces one’s ability to work properly and also causes unreasonable fatigue.

6) Health Effects of Sulphur Dioxide

Fatigue, chronic cold, bronchitis, heavy breathing, tightness of chest, wet cough, shortness of breath etc all are caused by this harmful substance. Running nose, sinus, irritated eyes, wet cough etc can also be other things that are caused by this venomous air pollutant. People exposed to sulphur dioxide can start to experience the worst symptoms within 10-15 minutes.

7) Health Effects of Ground Level Ozone

This pollutant hinders the normal functioning of airways making your respiratory system work harder than usual. It can lead to some other discomforting problems too like wheezing, damaged lungs, sore throats chest pain, chest tightness, nausea or even headaches. It makes one feel fatigued all the time and also blights the immune systems. It also has the potency to weaken the athletic performances.

8) Health Effects of Particulate Matter

Health Effects of Particulate Matter

Elongated term exposure to this pollutant can lead to some serious problems like improper functioning of the lungs, initiation of chronic respiratory and obstructive lung diseases. It can also worsen the existing asthma more than ever before. This pollutant can also lead to asymmetrical heartbeats and nonfatal heart strokes. This can also contribute to lung cancer and also cause premature death in people with who are already having heart and lung diseases.

9) Health Effects of Smoke

Smoke is an air pollutant that can cause cancer, burning sensation in the eyes, sore throats, congestion and inflammation of the airways, headaches, hay fever and can also hinder the proper functioning of the lungs.

10) Health Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds

It can cause inflammation and irritation in eyes, nose and throats. It can also lead to sore throat, nausea, headaches and impairs coordination. It also has the potency to damage other vital body parts like kidney, liver etc.

So these were some ill health effects to which you’re constantly becoming a victim because of air pollution. The seriousness of these problems makes it all the more imperative to find a solution to put an end to air pollution.

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