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What are Free Radicals and How are they Formed ?

What are Free Radicals and How are the Formed

Free radicals can be formed through the environment as well as through the natural human physiological processes. Free radicals are the result of stress, diet, smoking, exercise, alcohol, inflammation, drugs or even exposure to air pollutants and sunlight. Though there are many types of free radicals that can be formed, …

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What Is Cholesterol And What Does It Do?

What Is Cholesterol And What Does It Do

People who have been recently diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol, it becomes very important to know how much of it is required by the human body and what should be avoided, to keep its escalation, at bay. Cholesterol can be both, good as well as bad. It is equally …

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What is Metabolism and how does It Work?

What is Metabolism and how does It Work

Metabolism is an intricate biochemical process where the body converts the food, liquids, and other eatables into energy. During the process, the calories present in beverages and food consumed by an individual are linked to oxygen to generate energy. This energy is utilized by the body to carry various functions …

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What Are Antioxidants And What Do They Do?

What Are Antioxdants And What Do They Do

The day to day process of oxidation of various substances in our body produces numerous, chemically unstable molecules known as free radicals. These lead to potential cell damage and make the body susceptible to diseases like cancer and atherosclerosis. Antioxidants, on the other hand, are natural or synthetic substances which …

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