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What are the different types of Seizures?

What are the different types of Seizures and their Symptoms

Epilepsy can be broadly termed as a disorder of the brain which happens as a result of certain cells in the nerves going haywire. This leads to onset of seizures which might affect the way you behave or your grasp of the visible reality. Now, epilepsy or seizures can be …

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Common Sleep disorders: Symptoms, Risks and Remedies

Most of us might have experienced trouble sleeping at least once in our lifetime. Generally, sleep disorder is caused due to changes in our normal routine, stress, tiredness, or any other illness. But continuous sleep irregularities can interfere with your daily life and can cause serious diseases or sleep disorders. …

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How to Overcome Anxiety naturally?

How to Overcome Anxiety naturally

Living with anxiety is so difficult. It is like living with a voice that follows you, knows all your insecurities, uses it against you and rules you. It is no less than a hindrance in the way of your happiness. Problems exist in everyone’s life. Some problems are trivial and …

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Autism: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatments

Autism - Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatments

Autism is a very sombre developmental disorder in which one’s capacity to converse and interact gets impaired. Autism is more commonly known as autism spectrum disorder which basically consists of a spectrum of challenges that interferes one’s ability to exhibit social and communicational skills. Autism is generally diagnosed between 2-3 …

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Schizophrenia: Meaning, Treatment, Symptoms, Causes & Types

Schizophrenia is often seen as synonymous to the inability of being able to understand what is real. Schizophrenia is a highly intricate mental disorder in which one undergoes through several hallucinations, chimeras and unorganized thoughts and sees, hears and feels things that are not even there. It can really affect …

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